Colombian Daygame Adventures 4 – Ass

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I went to breakfast around 9am at my local cafe, I sat and watched the melee around me. There are alot of girls around, most are short squat and fat, but there is the ocassional looker. so whilst my breakfast is being prepared. I squeeze out 3 opens, 9:30am, in quick succession. I reopen a girl I’d already opened by accident, she didn’t hook the first time and she didn’t hook this time. I open another, tall with sunglasses, good body but when she turns, I don’t like her face. Maybe she realised that. as she didn’t hook either. Then another, a psychology student, she hooked, 18, I don’t really fancy her though. I get the number.

I head back and my breakfast is ready, I eat it and notice a girl with her mother. She has long legs and tight shorts, she looks over occasionally at me. Her mum leaves and she get’s up to go. I walk over and chat a bit, I close her whilst she’s waiting for her mum to return. Half way through a stunner walks past, the hottest I’ve seen here in a while. I take my leave from miss tight shorts and run after her, I catch her but it’s obvious she’s stressed about finding somewhere, she’s well dressed so maybe it’s an interview.

She doesn’t stop, side steps me and tells me she can’t speak any English. Before I have a change to tell her I can speak Spanish, she’s gone. Worth a shot. Pretty happy as that’s 6 opens and 2 numbers and it’s 11:30am. I head to crossfit at 12:30 and I”m buzzing, after crossfit I do some work then head to a mall. I eat lunch then buy a coffee I wander around, there aren’t as many sets as in the evening, but there are a few around. I see a cute girl working in a booth that sells pop culture stuff, I number close her, but she has a boyfriend, seems committed. I head  back to the main entrance, there is another booth there selling makeup. One of the girls is hot, she eyes me, when the other is engaged. I head over, and in broken Spanish “Look, I already have enough makeup, I was just sat there and I saw you, I thought you were pretty”.  She started laughing, and finished my sentence for me.

Close to the 17 year old

Close to the 17 year old

It was a really easy set, and she number closed quickly. She even showed me some photos of her not in the Cali uniform. “Tight shorts and top”. Fuck she’s hot, and she actually seems very keen. so that’s 8 opens so far. I then head back to my apartment, then to my afternoon date.  On the way to the date, I’m in state and a fucking hot girl is buying some salted mango. Once she’s paid, she walks off, she’s wearing a pick lycra top over her small pert tits. A tight ass and tight jeans.  She’s 17, fuck she’s hot, I get her number. Fuck she is fucking gorgeous.

The date cancels, but I don’t care, I have another date tonight with the half Thai / Colombian

Awesome day.

9 opens 4 numbers.



















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