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The last week has been terrible for me in Colombia. Almost every date flaked, I had another date with the half Thai / Colombian, that’s the third one. We got pretty far last time, so this time I was expecting sex. In the end, she said she was on her period again, it had just started that day. Has it been 4 weeks?, don’t think so. So after shelling out for her taxis and drinks, I got her back to mine, then when she told me she was on her period. I pretty much kicked her out.

Friday night I was supposed to have two dates, both flaked. Sunday I was supposed to see the regular girl, she told me she couldn’t make it. Saturday, I went for the date with the keen girl. I meet her at the mall after she finished work, she was late to come meet me, almost 40 mins. So I spent 40 mins having a beer. Which is shit, I should have punished her more for making me wait. She arrived looking sexy in white shorts and tight top showing her midriff.  It was pretty easy date, but there were warning signs, she was escalating me.

She even kissed me first, the whole thing became sexual pretty quickly. At this point, I was thinking this is too easy. Anything that is too easy, probably is. More drinks followed, I should have pulled the trigger to get her back to mine. In the end two of her work colleagues, joined us and we went to a club to dance. We got a bottle of aguardiente for the table and drank and had fun. It was really fun, then danced salsa, got pretty sexy, her grinding into me on the dance floor. Half way through the night the “don’t you respect me” girl showed up with three of her girlfriends and were sat at a table near the four of us,

I really fancy “don’t respect me”, but I couldn’t work out the play. In the end I decided that I’d just have fun with the girl I was  with and make her jealous. I thought about approaching her, but I’d sent her 2 text messages in the interim between the date and she hadn’t responded so I thought fuck it I won’t bother. Not sure if that was the right play, maybe one dance with her would have been better. It would also have social proofed me more with the current girl.

At one point the girl asked me for money, red light warning signs. I think she’s asking for money to pay for the drinks. OK, I hand her some then she takes more out of my wallet. Red flag. What the fuck? I’m drunk and just agree, wrong move. Then we all leave the club, on the way out the bouncer won’t let us leave. It’s because we haven’t paid for the drinks, she had lied and kept the money. Me and the one of her colleagues end up paying for the drinks, and she pisses off in a taxi with her girl colleague. I’m angry, very angry, I got used again, I go back to my apartment and have a dark night of the soul, wondering what the fuck I’m doing here. I reacted to the the girl and sent her a message telling her she was fucking loser, then I deleted her number.

Thinking back now, the girl occasionally disappeared for periods, so I think she was on drugs. As she was pretty hyper and there was something about her nature which was off. My success rate here has fallen off a cliff, I’ve lost the enthusiasm for game. So I took the weekend off daygame. Yesterday I had a massive hangover, and ended up watching a load of bodybuilder videos. I was pretty impressed by this one:

Focus, dedication and mindset. “you gotta develop your tools”, days of efficient action. He talks about following through and doing the basics first, forgetting the technical stuff. Do the work yourself, bust your ass. Do the things that you can do to the best of your ability.  The same analogy obviously applies to daygame, mastery comes through days of efficient action, every day, no matter what. Time in the gym in this context is the same as hours on the streets. Sometimes we lack the motivation though and rely on others.

“If it’s more important to other people than you, then there is a large part of your potential that is untapped”

Which is true, if someone has nag to you to do something, or keep you in check, then you don’t want “it” enough.  Basic fundamentals, over and over and over again. It’s obvious that this applies to daygame as well. If  you’re going out doing daygame, what’s important is to get out and do it, as a beginner you don’t focus on the technical aspects of your daygame, just get out there and approach girls. It’s the same as being a beginner with the gym, get a basic routine and get in the gym and work out, don’t worry about the technicalities at first, just start lifting.

Anyway, this week I’m going to refocus, and keep daygame to a couple of hours per day of action, which means hitting the malls or transport hubs at busy times.  I’m also going to spend the last month of my time here doing a structured gym routine. Crossfit has been fine, and I’ll keep going for the HIIT aspect, but actually I’d prefer to put on more muscle mass and really bulk up.

Focus will be: Daygame, continuing to learn spanish and weight training. Going to keep drinking to dates only and reduce the amount I drink.


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  1. just watched the video…thought it was really good even though I have no interest in body building. I like what he showed on doing the correct practise over and over in a disciplined way and also what he said about “it” and focus on what you do.

    I know all the game theory out there now…Im working on my inner game, mindsets are quite weak, I get a few bad sets and easily give up and go into pret for 1.5hours for think and people watching …. this needs to change.

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