Bang my first 22 year old Colombian Medical Student

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I wake up in an apartment in north Bogota,  first thing I notice is the Hello Kitty teddy, behind this are photos of a teenage girl striking poses with her friends, the room is very pink. I look at the girl sleeping next to me. She looks much younger without makeup, and without her little black dress. I’m suddenly reminded of that moment in trainspotting when Rentboy wakes up next to Dianne and she puts on her school uniform. How old is this girl? She wakes up and goes to the bathroom. She told me she was 22, she looks 15.

It’s a family apartment, the parents and her younger sister aren’t at home thankfully. Her cat is mewing at me angrily as I get dressed, she returns from the bathroom. Then tells me she has to go to work at the hospital, she dresses into her medical uniform, she’s not wearing any heels, god she’s short, she looks so innocent. An innocent girl with wide eyes and a tiny stature, this girl wanted me to slap her and fuck her hard and rough.  I remember flashes of sex from the night before, she’s doubled over, legs in the air I’m over her  banging her on her parents sofa. Her tiny body is pressed underneath me whilst I pound her heavily and she’s letting out little gasps coming out of her tiny mouth,  the cat looked on and paced the floor.

She wasn’t from daygame, I met her after a day doing daygame, I went with my wing to a club in Bogota. She was part of a group of 4, my wing opened them. Three girls, 1 guy, the guy was a overweight and seemed pretty beta. The other two girls were hot, one was a stunner, but it seemed like she was earmarked for the beta. The other girl was cute too, and we quickly paired off, hot girl with beta, my wing with the cute girl and myself with innocent girl. We drank and danced reageatton. The beta guy was paying for their drinks, he even had hold of the hot girls phone. I nick-named him “Ho-pho” – “hold the phones”, she’d request to use it, he’d hand it to her, then after she spent 10 mins snap-chatting her other guys she’d hand it back to him and he’d gladly take it.

The drinks flowed and we changed venue, by this time my girl was very drunk. She’s all over me in the club, we’re making out heavily. Then we head to  another club, the beta has part ownership of it, he gets another bottle for us all. We drink his free alcohol and dance, at one point he gets a kiss from the hottie. All his hard work ended up with a make out. I sit with mine at her table, and rub her pussy under her skirt, she makes little moaning noises and pulls my hand up onto her breasts. Her eyes are closed, and she’s moaning. This is in public view and the bar tender has to side step us to keep serving the drinks. ha.

Younger looking

Even younger looking

I decided it’s time to get her back to the apartment, my wing is trying to do the same with his. The only problem is the hottie, she keeps pulling the girls back.We all manage to walk to my hotel anyway, the girl doesn’t have her ID with her, her cock-block hottie friend has it. She won’t give it to her, and the hotel staff won’t let her in without it. There is about 20 mins backwards and forwards before we decide to leave them. They all stagger off drunk to find a taxi, we decide to see if we can find more girls. We end up with three girls, my wing fancies one, I don’t fancy any of them. We call it a night.

Next morning, I feel like death, I wake up and  throw the girl a text. She responds and I set up a date with her for the following day. We meet half way to her place at a bar, drink one beer and eat. She tells me no one is at her home. I suggest to her we have a drink there. We buy some beers, then get a taxi back to hers. She tells me “I don’t know why I’m doing this”. I agree with her.. “yes it’s pretty fast”. She’s dressed sexy in a black dress, I ask her if she has a tattoo, yes she does.. her parents hate that she has it. I ask her about the type of guys she likes, she tells me her last bf was crazy, drank a lot and did drugs. I ask her when was the last time she had sex, she tells me it was 4 months ago. She is very fucking horny.

She seems so innocent looking, we enter her apartment. We do the tour, it’s in a state, half eaten food and clothes strewn, I look at her family photos, her parents and their two daughters. Happy smiley families. She opens the beer, again she says “I don’t know why I’m doing this”. Then she kisses me, I kiss her back. The clothes come off, she’s down to her panties on the sofa. I see a tattoo of a feather on her right side, she’s looking up at me. I pull her panties down her pussy is tiny.

I pull my shorts down, put on a condom and fuck her. She gasps as I enter her, she’s tell me to fuck her harder, I oblige. After fucking her, I ask her how many guys she’s slept with. She tells me I’m the 4th guy, she had two boyfriends and random hook up before. She won’t suck my dick, she tells me it’s to intimate, I point out to her that I’ve just had my dick in her. She looks at me and tells me, well I could do it, if we meet again. She tells me she won’t tell the other two girls that she was with me. She’s worried about seeming too easy.  We fall asleep in her pink room. I checked her ID, she was 22!


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