Bang my first 26 year old Colombian air hostess

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I’m in Bogota now, on a Tuesday night there is an event at a club called “Gringo Tuesday’s”. It’s one of those events where foreign guys try to fuck local girls you exchange language. After the language exchange it turns into a club. The place was packed, I arrive with my wing after the language part has finished. We grab a beer near the bar and a group of four girls eye us. I open one, she hooks easily and we chat, she’s interested in me, but I fancy her friend, a slim petite white skinned girl. She also keeps looking at me, her and her friends are air hostesses.

We all dance together, the beers flow, it’s fun. My wing is tired and decides to leave, he goes and I’m left with the four girls. Three local guys move in on the other three and I decide to isolate mine, I take her outside and kiss her. By this time I’m a little drunk and tired from all the partying I’ve done here. I number close her outside, then she wants to return to the party, I tell her I have some wine at mine. No dice, she won’t come tonight, but she says “I’ll come see you tomorrow”.  Now I gamble, I’m pretty sure that she won’t come back to mine tonight. The social pressure from her friends and “appearing to easy” would prevent that. My read on her was that she wasn’t slutty, I also decide that I’ve made my interest clear, and any more time spent with her tonight would probably be counter-productive.

So I decide to head back to my apartment and I collapse on my bed. Next day I send her a text, I’m not expecting much, numbers from nights out are notoriously flaky. She responds, see below:

23 minutes to date confirmation

23 minutes to date confirmation. boom

I organise  to meet her at a park near my place, she arrives late, normal here, actually I left 30 minutes late, expecting her tardiness. I wait for her at a coffee shop, she arrives and looks good, well dressed not slutty. I finish my coffee and tell her we can walk to a place near mine for a beer. We start to walk, I don’t really have a venue in mind, in the end after 5 minutes chit-chat and walking we’re 5 minutes from my place, I tell her I have some wine at mine.  She says “sure.. let’s go there”. I walk her to my apartment, she puts on some music on my Spotify. We start kissing, her face is going red, I notice patches of red across her chest and shoulders. She is extremely horny.

She’s moaning as I kiss her, I push her onto the bed. The clothes come off and I start fucking her, she is extremely wet. After we fuck, we talk, she hasn’t had sex for 7 months, the last guy was her previous boyfriend. She has no tattoos, she likes it rough, but not too much. She’s slept with four guys, me being the fifth. I fucked her three times that night, I’d bought some strawberries and icecream to make the sex a bit more interesting. It gets to early morning and she tells me she should go, I tell her she can stay if she wants to. I ask her what when she had decided she wanted to sleep with me, she says she doesn’t know, “it just happened, but I didn’t expect to come to your apartment”.  She sleeps over, next morning she wants to go again, I don’t have any more condoms so I can’t do her again. She heads off in a taxi and I go and have breakfast.

Some times it just works, 2nd lay here in Bogota in 6 days.

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