Do you need Spanish to get laid in Colombia? – a review of “Pickup Spanish” by El Conquistador

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I’ve been in Colombia for three months now, I had very bad Spanish before I came. When I arrived, initially I was in Cali and to structure my day I did 2 hours of private Spanish tuition 4 days per week. This really improved my ability to communicate with girls, because in Cali at least most girls did not speak English, not a word.

Especially the lower class girls, and many of these lower class girls are extremely hot. Who wants to use google translate constantly on a date, it’s fucking boring. It was also the same in Santa Marta when I went, the girls didn’t speak English.

I’m now in Bogota and two girls I have laid here in 6 days have both spoken English to a good level. They are both well educated and come from middle-high class backgrounds so that’s to be expected. The daygame I have done here, I’d say 50% of girls have little to no English and the rest have a decent enough level so you wouldn’t need much in the way of Spanish.

The problem comes when you stop that super-hottie on the street and you open her with the “I hope you speak English”. She then says “No”.  Now, at this point I switch to Spanish, because although I’m not excellent, I’d say my Spanish has hit a conversational level, especially if I can direct the conversation, I can normally predict what she will say, so I know how to answer.

How is your Spanish?

If you don’t have any Spanish, the likelihood is she will use this as an excuse to reject you, and you’ll be left kicking yourself as you watch her sexy tight round ass walk away. Actually I found that you only really need some good body language, show some real intent, and enough Spanish to flirt with her. Enough is to be able to throw out a few phases. Before you come to Colombia, I would advise you to take some Spanish tuition, and to supplement that I recommend  Pickup Spanish by El Conquistador.

Pickup Spanish CoursePickup Spanish Course – get laid in Latin America

Pickup Spanish and my results

I used Pickup Spanish to get me in on my first few dates, including a 27 year old sexy Colombian student, a tiny  big-titted 23 year old Half Peruvian / Colombian Student and an hot hotel receptionist.  I laid all three of these girls and although I can’t claim it’s all due to Pickup Spanishit did give me the edge and actually made two of the dates possible. Two of these girls literally could not speak a word of English.

The course has some basics of Spanish, followed by 3 modules focusing on different areas of game:

  • A break down of how chat to girls online – becoming an online Don Juan.
  • How to chat to girls in the day – becoming a Daygame Matador.
  • How to approach girls at night in clubs and bars – becoming a night time Conquistador.

These three modules cover the basics of flirty Spanish that you can use in most situations in Latin America. I’m from London,  in London I never use online dating or Tinder, so I wouldn’t normally recommend online dating, as it doesn’t work for me there. (I’m 36 years old, and although I’m not bad looking I don’t stack up against the younger competition.)

In the UK I wouldn’t even appear in the search results for the girls I want (18-24). In Colombia that’s not the case, if you are into your 30’s you can still use online dating apps such as Tinder, or dating sites such as Colombian Cupid or Latin American Cupid. My Tinder is full of matches, the quality of which I could not get in the UK. This comes down to the Latina mindset, age differences are more acceptable than in the West.

Hola, que tal? ;)

Hola, que tal? 😉

Hispanic humor and flirting

Pickup Spanish allows you to capitalise on this mindset with good Spanish examples of opening lines to mass message the girls. It’s more tailored to the “romantic” style pickup, with an emphasis on flirty compliments rather than the harsher challenges and border line insults you need in the West to get the attention of the girl. Hispanic humor and flirting is very different to how you game Western girls.

Pickup Spanish also includes audible examples of the pickup lines, so you know how to pronounce them correctly. She won’t be giving you that puzzled look when you tell her “hey, me robaste…, me robaste el corazón”. (Hey, you robbed me!, you stole my heart!). You’d think this wouldn’t work in a million years, it does here.


To improve the content of Pickup Spanish it could use some concrete examples: screenshots of text exchanges and recorded audio of conversations with Latina girls to demonstrate the techniques in action.

If you are lacking the time to learn Spanish before you come to Colombia you can achieve a quick boost to your results with those hot Latinas through El Conquistadors course. This course will help you flirt with Latin girls effectively and improve on your Latin America game weaknesses. For me it was definitely worth it, it helped me lay 3 hot young Colombian girls in my first 2 weeks here. 😉

Get your copy of Pickup Spanish here.

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