How I lost my daygame virginity

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I’m 36, two years ago my life was in a pretty bad state. I came to the end of a two year relationship with a girl I met at work. I got into a fist-fight at work party and lost my job. I put the guy in hospital and had a brush with the police over the incident. (You can also get stopped by the Police for Daygaming). At one point I was worried that I’d never work again in my industry and that I’d gotten myself a criminal record. I’d been commuting two-hours per day each way into and out of London. My job was well paid, the most I’d ever been paid to that point, but the commute was killing me.

Due to all the commuting my health suffered, I put on weight and started to pudge out. I was too tired to hit the gym or do much else. I did this for over a year, commute, work, commute sleep, rinse repeat. looking back I can see how stupid and unsustainable that kind of lifestyle is. Commuting 2 hours each way door-to-door is madness. I’d been excited the first few months, I was working in London for a good firm, this quickly wore off. I used to sit on the train and look at the people around me, the tired faces, the well dressed shells of people. Living out their lives making money for someone else,  smartly presented cattle drinking their take-away coffees, applying make-up, sleeping, making business calls or eating their prepared Tupperware breakfasts. I hated it.

After losing my job, and being cautioned by the Police,  I went to Asia and spent 4 months training kick-boxing in Thailand. In Thailand it’s easy to meet girls and I was very thirsty for pussy after two years with the same girl. I also lost a shit load of weight and put on muscle. I wasn’t really body-builder muscular, I just looked more athletic and in-shape. My thirst sated I headed back home and moved to London to start work as a contractor. I was brimming with confidence, but Thailand makes you lazy when it comes to girls. You don’t need game there, just talk to a girl and buy her a drink and she’ll come home with you. When I came back to London, despite being in one of the best shapes of my life I couldn’t get laid. From abundance to thirst in one long distance flight.

I spent 4 days in Singapore before I came back, I sent 50 or so Copy and Paste messages to girls on Couchsurfing, asking girls “wanting to meet up” if they could. I met one girl, an early 20’s school teacher, she was cute. I spent the four days with her, she’d show me around Singapore then in the evenings I’d bang her in my apartment. She got pretty into me, so when I returned to London she said she wanted to come see me in 3 months time, she had a trip planned to travel around Europe. I told her we could and she could stay at my place.

Those 3 months, after arriving in London, I tried everything to get laid, I went out partying, did bar crawls, started salsa, hit on girls at work. even did speed-dating. I just couldn’t get laid. The frustrations set in, I was determined to lay a  new girl before the Singapore girl came to visit. Then I met a guy through a pickup forum and he suggested we could try some daygame. I met the other guys in this meetup group and a few of them also did what I can loosely describe as daygame (we were all noobs).

She can teach me

She can teach me

So one Saturday morning three of us went out in Nottinghill, this was the 2nd time I met Xants. We hit Portobello road and I was incredibly nervous. I did my first cold approach on a cute Polish girl, my nerves were through the roof. My voice was broken, I could barely get my words out. She responded in a friendly way, she’d just arrived in London. I remember making some comment about her shoes, then I handed my phone to her, she input her digits, but my hand was shaking. The conversation was short but polite. I was stoked to get my first number and lose my daygame virginity. Of course she never texted me back. She was also my first flake. Bitch. 😀

I was flying high, “this actually works, I can chat to girls on the streets and get numbers, why did nobody tell me about this”. We then went into central, we opened  a few sets on Carnabie Street. Xants was a machine and could open anything. I opened a really tall blonde girl, she thanked me for the approach but said she had a boyfriend, I number closed a cute Asian girl visiting from Manchester. I was on fire, then I followed  a girl, waiting for an opportunity to open her, instead I spotted a cute girl sat on a bench eating a sandwich, she was wearing a red leather jacket.

I opened her instead, “you leather jacket looks good, but maybe a bit too much Michael Jackson thriller”. She laughed and told me she’d bought it that day. I detected an Italian accent. I accused her of being in the Italian mafia. More chit-chat and I went for the close, as I was about to get her number. A message flashed up from Xants, he’d watched the interaction.

“She’s into you, take her for a coffee”

We went for a coffee and I same day laid her later. Thanks Xants, knew that you were good for something. 😉 Proof that daygame works, you don’t need to have money, have model looks or be tall. Just have some intent, be horny and want to fuck the girl. No sex for three months, and I let rip on her. She loved it, I’ll write about how I got her from Regent Street to my bedroom in another post. For the complete newbie or for a guy who has done a few approaches I have some advice. Find two daygame wings, find a wing that is better than you, find someone who is about the same level as you.

Go out with the guy that is better than you and learn from him. Watch his approaches, watch his body language, ask him to review you. Then go out with same-level guy, you can put those things you were learning into practice. Also a guy that is better than you will have less approach anxiety, so you will have less of the daygame preamble as he’ll help push you into sets earlier. If you are looking for a wing and you are in London, here are a few names, you can also add your own details to the post. 😉

Good luck.



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