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I’ve been back from Colombia for nearly 2 weeks now.  I was there a total of 90 days, that’s the default tourist visa length that you get on arrival. I’ll go straight in with my results for the 90 days:


Near misses and fails:

  • Early twenties Half Thai / Colombian down to her panties on my bed – Period
  • Extremely hot girl (9) in my apartment – 2 dates, never saw her again.
  • Hot early 20s girl I met in a mall – first date fail.
  • Hot mid twenties girl I cold approached at a park – she kept flaking.
  • First date with a daygame girl – massive tits, slow response after first date – “I was rude”on the date.
  • First date with a daygame girl – she brought her friend along – positive first date – then a misunderstanding over text – never saw her again.

10 new notches in 90 days, one from Daygame the rest a mix of online and going out at night. It took me a whole year to get that many girls in London / Euro jaunts. So I’m pretty happy with the results. In reflection I didn’t do as much daygame as I had initially planned to do. I did do it however, and collected numbers, I found it difficult to actually convert them into dates. Colombian girls are notoriously flaky, you can also add onto this that mass transit is shit in Colombia. Once that girl leaves your sight you’ll probably never see her again.

Places like Cali are also “dangerous”, there are real risks to getting robbed on the street. This has a two fold effect – 1. She might think that you are trying to rob her – 2. Getting your phone out on the street to collect her number- you risk being mugged for it. In reality it’s her perceived idea that you might rob her that’s the real issue. This makes the girls more edgy and wary of your approach.


I’d read on forums that this was the place with the combination of hottest and easiest girls. Like almost every thing in life this is a half truth. The girls can be hot, they can also be easy, but rarely are they both. The city itself is called the most dangerous in Colombia and I did hear one tale of a guy getting robbed at gun point. I never saw any crime or anyone robbed myself, there is a massive Police presence on the streets. This means you are limited to the malls and daygame in the safer areas of the city. There are a lot of black and caramel women here, so if that’s your thing Cali is the place to visit.

I don’t like daygaming in malls in general, I did hit all the biggest malls and went on dates with girls inside the malls. The problem is that girls are rarely ever on their own in the malls. They don’t necessarily go there to buy anything, in fact most shops are empty of customers. They just walk around in groups socialising.  There is no huge walking area, so for purely daygame Cali is a poor choice. If you mix up your dating with online / salsa / night game it’s a good city to be in. Before you go, I’d recommend hitting up a few guys on RooshV forum if you want to meet some game aware guys out there.

Santa Marta

I spent a week here, I had my wisdom tooth pulled out as it had compacted, so this kind of limited my drive to do game. I did walk around the city (albeit with a numb mouth), again it’s “Colombia safe” but there is a pretty large walking area in the centre. It’s got some nice natural parks which I didn’t visit, I did bang two girls from Tinder here though.  😉


I only spent two weeks here, the weather is often overcast and feels like a warm London. This is very good for daygame, there is also a huge walking area and the city felt a lot safer than either Cali or Santa Marta. I didn’t really like La Candelaria which is the old part of the city and pretty touristy, I walked around but parts felt like a ghetto. Far better were the streets around “Zona T“, there are also a couple of malls in the area too. There are almost no darker skinned girls in Bogota.

Round up

The girls in Colombia are hot, some can be fucking hot, big fake tits and ass, long dark straight hair, sexy dressed with blow job lips hot. I never sampled that level of hotness the closest I got was the 8 receptionist and the 9 who left my apartment after I smacked her ass with a pillow. The 9 was one of the hottest girls I’ve ever been on a date with.  For that experience itself it was worth it, plus all the lays, taking a girl’s virginity and just seeing what Colombia is about. Renting a car to drive to a little town to bang a 20 year old then later take her anal virginity was good too.

Fuck it,  do it, go.








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  1. Sounds like a trip worth doing. Might be worth getting a bullet proof vest though. I’ve only met a couple of Columbian chicks in London but never managed to convert to anything [they are happy to talk forever though]. you mentioned you had to collect a lot of numbers, what sort of ratio was there in terms of numbers collected to dates in Columbia and how did this compare to London [I have to collect quite a lot of numbers to convert to a date here too]? z

    1. Post

      Cali was a bit shit for daygame, the young girls already had boyfriends and the hottest girls I stopped I couldn’t get out. They would text back and forward forever and even agree to come out, then flake. Stats wise I dunno, it just felt easier than London.

  2. Nice one mate,

    Alot of results from tinder/cupid leads. Can you tell us anything about what did and or didn’t work with photos and bio write up?

    1. Post
  3. So far the majority of the South American girls I’ve met don’t seem to get the LDM “teasing” and British sarcasm, and it can come across as quite rude and offensive. What i’m playing with at the moment when meeting South Americans is a more “romantic approach” would you say that’s quite accurate from your experience? Or maybe i just haven’t spoken to enough/doing it wrong.

    1. Post

      100% agree with you. I got blank faces when I used sarcasm. They just don’t get it, even when I teased them about being dangerous and having a gun..
      some girls actually thought I thought they had a gun. Crazy. You can go a bit more “romantic”, but I wouldn’t overdo it. Greatly depends on the girl.

      1. I used to explain British humour was different, and tell them to expect some teasing! Then all the usual chat about national stereotypes from where they’re from etc

  4. Good post, mate! Cali is an interesting place. The hottest girls in Colombia, but the most conservative and flakey. I’ve come to the conclusion if you like salsa dancing, it’s an amazing place. If you don’t, it’s just mehhh. Wish we could have made it out to Pereira, but maybe next time.

    PS: El Conquistador is in London now. You should meet up. Oh, and hit me up if you have any interest in the Caribbean this fall 😉

    [Thanks man, yeah next time.. just be careful with your knee and reggaeton dancing local girls. 😉 I’ll hit him up]

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