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I’m back to UK, last weekend I did a few sets around central London with Mr S and RoyWalker DG. Then Monday I hit the streets with Valentino. I collected a facebook and 4 numbers, most of them were Asian, but there was one English girl and an Italian in the mix. Maybe it’s results bias because of my Hong Kong 7, I was definitely weaseling some of the hotter girls. I fired off all my first texts and actually all of the Asians got back to me, not the Europeans.

Before I left for Colombia I used to see the Hong Kong girl about once a week. She was a bit pissed that I was going to Colombia and even more pissed when I extended the trip from 1 month to 3 months.  I was fully expecting to come back and find her boyfriended up or at least seeing some other guy casually. Anyway she told me another guy had approached her on the street, just before 9am as she was going to work. You can do daygame anytime.

She went for a date with him, he suggested a coffee, when they met he was 25 minutes late, then instead of taking her for a coffee he took her for a walk in Regents Park. He then proceeded to “weird her out”, her words, not mine. He wanted to go into the park and sit and talk seriously about mediation and other new age bull shit. So she was polite stayed with him for 30 minutes then excused herself to leave.

Weirdo game

Weirdo game

Her ex-boyfriend also visited her (with his mum) when she was working at her shop. Also she mentioned one guy on a bus had approached then kept offering the seat next to him, she had to refuse him several times, again, he “weirded her out”  So in 3 months she had 2 cold approaches from a guy with sub-par game and one visit from her ex-bf.

I know her, and any guy that in that 90 days that had approached her with a minimum level of game could have had a reasonable chance of fucking her. She works very centrally, she was angry at me for going away, she’d started going to the gym, the signs  and availability were there: she was back on the market. That’s just one girl, so London has to be full of similar girls all waiting for the chance to meet some someone. So just get out there.

I move down to London full time from the first of August, also since being home I’ve been doing a bit of a “life check up”. My fitness is OK, but I’ve resolved to put on some muscle. I also had my blood-work done and an STD check. Despite banging a few girls raw-dog in Colombia (an almost third world country) I was completely clean. I’ve found a place to live centrally in London, and a few interviews for contract work lined up.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the streets.


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  1. weirdo game! there is a lot of crossover between guys who do game and guys into new age stuff so not surprised some dude wanted to talk meditation with a girl in the park. I like meditation but most girls are shallow and therefore this sort of chat is anti chick crack … perhaps they would get into it more if they were allowed to take a selfie of it and tweet it to their friends for attention.

    on your moving back to London I’m fascinated to see how you adjust to the London grind. I was just out and approached a gorgeous half Pilipino girl but she blew me out after a quick chat … was too giggly and nervous … should have tried to calm her down a bit.

    [Tweet to her friends? it’s all insta and snapchat now 😉 Asian girls can be very nervous.. just show her your pokemon go collection next time.. haha]

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