Winged daygame adventures in Mayfair, with Little Red Riding Hood

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Finally got around to writing this, I’ve put it in narrative format.

It was a mild Sunday, Oct last year, plenty of sunshine and I was hungry for Street Game.

Met up with Vaughn by Marble Arch, and worked our way through Mayfair. Warming up by chatting to an American girl with her dog by the Roosevelt Memorial in Grosvenor Square (plenty of talent around too). Gave us a good opportunity to take some selfies with the pooch, for later use as photo-pings.

You may have read the other half of this day, told from Vaughn’s perspective, rather like Letters From Iwo Jima and Flags Of Our Fathers if you’re into movies. Vaughn is a super wing, good banter, and great to have around during what can be difficult daygame territory.

As we walked into Berkeley Square Gardens, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a girl who had appeared just behind where we walked from. A cute slim light skinned girl, I knew it was my type, and felt a strong desire to approach.

She was wearing a red coat, red handbag and black leather trousers. Coupled with her black ankle boots it was a good look.

I did the run-around stop, and opened with a line about her looking like Little Red Riding Hood, she giggled and hooked immediately. We vibed, talking about her being Russian, and living abroad to study, and her trip to explore London. It was a promising interaction.

But this was at 3pm, and I’d arranged to daygame with Vaughn, so I said I would take her number, and suggested a drink in the evening at 9pm.

Vaughn and I headed on down to another of our stomping grounds, and by 5pm we hadn’t had much luck. I knew I had my date lined up for 9pm and she had been texting me throughout the afternoon, so, as we were about to call it a day, on the way back to the tube, Vaughn approached two cute Mediterranean looking girls. One immediately hooked, and started grinning. I joined the set, and spoke to her friend. Turned out they were both air-hostesses in town for one night only – boom!

Slipping into wing-man mode, Vaughn suggested drinks, and I said I knew a great British pub (any pub!), which they had a half in. I took one girl outside to smoke, so Vaughn could kiss in peace. Then I said there was a great cocktail bar around the corner, so off we all went. Vaughn lagged behind, and I noticed they were making out again. My girl was still interested in chatting to me, she was good company.

After two expensive drinks in the bar, I noticed Vaughn had disappeared with his girl, and my girl had no idea too. Later I found out where they had been… for such a long time. They resurfaced with big smiles in the bar, I gather there was a private room downstairs.

Now it was 8:30pm, I so I called out the elephant in the room with the spare girl: “I’ve been invited out for drinks with a friend, but you seem fun so far. Are you interested in meeting for another drink? She said no, she had a bf, which is fine. So we all bid our farewells”.
Wingman duties complete, onto the tube I dashed.. quick egg & cress sandwich at the station (not eaten since lunch), a handfull of extra strong mints, and met her just gone 9pm. One cocktail later, she told me she used to get in trouble biting boys and school, and also had stolen a few things from exclusive bars, I knew this was going to be fun. I suggested going for another drink at home, where the drinks better, and are free, she agreed (all good so far).

Back at mine, she jumped on me, and sat astride me on my sofa, said “You want to have sex with me”, I replied “I’ve not decided yet”, it was like no one had ever said that to her – she had no idea how to respond.

Then her phone started ringing, it said Swedish Fireman. She told me about the rest of her afternoon, she’d been stopped by 8 other guys. I said she should take the call, it could be her soul-mate. She glared, I laughed, then she switched off her phone.

A pair of French guys had also given her a bit of a tour, both getting in the way of each other, so neither could make progress with her. She took great pleasure taking the piss out of their accents to me.

On the bed.. one of the best nights I had in 2015, got a bit messy I realised at the end, there was a lot of blood on the sheets, turned out she had clawed my back, well I guess that makes a change to getting nibbled 🙂 She got her own Uber home, and flew out in the morning. A remarkable day all in all.

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  1. 2 SDLs one for each of you! wow. seems crazy your Russian girl got approached by 8 other dudes that same afternoon? were these puas or regular dudes? I always thought Russian girls were conservative and it usually takes a few dates to go for the lay .. z

    1. Post

      Yes, you’re right, it’s my only Russian SDL. The other guys were hopeless as I understood it – although Swedish Fireman did at least get her number. Obviously dialling her number several times at 11pm didn’t really made him look desirable 🙂

      1. well he was a Swedish fireman after all (unless this was a joke) 🙂

        on dialling girls no. several times right after I am guilty of this myself … I just changed to an iPhone and wasn’t sure how to check the no. was saved and dialled several girls up 2/3 times 5 mins later! suffice to say I didn’t hear back from any of them! Doh! What made it worse was they were turbo hotties which is why I was faffing trying to make sure I had their nos saved lol

        I’ve found these types of experience you have to learn to laugh at in Game otherwise you would have a meltdown.

        Ps on Russian girls I actually am quite chilled going for a few dates, my first LTR with a Russian girl she didn’t even let me kiss on the lips on the first date! I was like well pUA guys said this is tooling me … I ignored them and just went on a couple more dates and it worked out fine 😉

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