Approach to lay 1hr45 vivem Brasil

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We’d been out from 6pm, suited and booted (Vaughn and I), at an business event with champagne and canapés – but what to do after? Street game! So at 9pm we agreed to do 3 approaches each. Tough to get going, so we flipped a coin. I won the toss, picked a cute red head girl for Vaughn to approach.

My turn came, and it was my 3rd approach before a girl hooked. I had spotted her on the other side of the road, long curly bronze hair, with a sultry walk and curvaceous hips, browsing shop windows, eating crisps – I felt this was going to be good.

Doing the run-around approach, she stopped, dropping her crisps (surprised), we spoke a bit, and she asked me where I grew up, and where I was walking and that she would walk along with me. Bounced her into an English Pub where we had two glasses of the cheapest house white wine. She showed me her tan lines on her boobs from skimpy bikini and holiday photos the previous week. I told her we were thinking of hiring an Aston Martin DB9 for a road trip. She then kept qualifying her self, saying her hair looked a mess and she wasn’t dressed for drinks out. She went to the bathroom and came back made up in make-up and smelling of perfume.

I said lets get a drink somewhere else, but before we left I wanted to pee, and she dragged me into the ladies, I went in, kissed a bit, however it wasn’t going anywhere so went to the Gents. We walked towards Bakerloo line, then suggested we drink where the drinks are free 🙂 She agreed, but just for one drink!

All the way home, she kept saying just one drink, and that she needed to catch the last tube. I said that’s fine, I’d pay for her Uber if she missed it, and that I needed to be up early the next day.

Her top came off quick, and then bra, then she insisted on taking off all my clothes. I couldn’t believe it, only 1hr45 ago I was on the street speaking to this bronze skinned girl, now I had her on my bed. She piled up no less than 4 pillows, and then perched her self on top, and lent back, legs akimbo, I guess this is the way they do it in Brazil.

Roll on daygame

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