Date report – 2nd date with 20 year old Polish Virgin

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She turned up to the date with Blonde hair, Swedish looking in heels and a sexy black dress. We walked to a bar I know near Piccadilly Circus, I’d just approached and number closed a 20 year old Russian student, so I was on a bit of a high. She’s Polish, she’s laughing at my jokes, but she’s hesitant to get physical. She keeps retelling my jokes about her country having no electricity and no running water. She has a boyfriend at home in Poland. She told me that last time she went home, she only saw him once, on the way back to England from the Airport. It’s on the rocks, she was thinking about breaking up with him. She is also a virgin (she told me this on the first date), she has no tattoos and doesn’t smoke, she also seems to have a very close relationship with her family.

She’s working here in some crappy supermarket job, and recently decided to return to Poland to study. That’s in two weeks time. On the first date, she told me that she had these rules about kissing. I hadn’t managed to kiss her the whole night on the previous date, despite getting her back to my place. She’d also insisted on leaving after a short time. So when she left, I wrote her off, I’d tried to escalate and gotten nowhere. She seems to genuinely enjoy my company, but there is something holding her back. I then ignored her texts the next day, and she proceeded to send me messages about meeting up. I agree, I’m thinking perhaps she has changed her mind.

We drink up at the first bar and walk to the restaurant, I push her and poke and prod her. She’s doing the same back to me. I can feel some sexual tension. We go to the restaurant, I decide to flirt with the waitress, who also turns out to be Polish, hoping that will spark some jealousy. I stare at her and ask her sexual questions, maybe it’s her lack of experience but she doesn’t respond with anything really flirty. It’s more like child-games than actual seduction.

I pull her in, she resists at first, but then she sits close to me her leg against mine. We finish the meal, and walk out, I go for a kiss. She resists again. I’m tired by this point, it must be the 10th time I’ve tried in the two dates. She isn’t giving me anything and I feel like it’s games. She asks me why can’t we be friends, I tell her I have my own rules and I have enough friends. I feel some attraction, but all the kiss attempts have made my seduction of her too overt. It’s starting to feel try hard.

Time to be real with her, I tell her look, “kiss my lips quickly”, I’ll close my eyes. Then we can go dancing. I’ve decided this is my line in the sand, I’m whispering it too her, whilst our faces are inches apart. She can’t even do a peck. She tells me that if she does, it would be something very special for her and that she wouldn’t stop thinking about it. That she does feel like she wants to kiss me but she has rules. That she is going back to Poland in two weeks so there is no point to kiss. That I’m a handsome, nice **cough** guy. What the fuck, she called me nice? I was hitting her with the menu at one point and told her she looked like a squirrel.

I’m been pulling hard enough, I’m tired of trying to seduce her, so I tell her I’ll walk her to the tube. That I’m tired and need to get up early. She thinks I’m angry at her. I tell her “no, I’m a man, you’re a woman, I find you attractive and you find me attractive I can see that, but something is holding you back.” I tell her to sort things out with her boyfriend. She asks me if we can go for a coffee before she goes back to Poland. I tell her I’m busy but I’ll let her know.

What the fuck happened? Did I bail too early? I could have used the dancing excuse for more seduction and get more physical with her. Is she playing games?, are all these rules etc.. a shit test? Do virgins run by different rules to other girls? Did I completely fuck it up? Did I give off too much of a player vibe?. she kept saying that it would just be another kiss for me. I told her I liked her to negate that, and that Poland is short flight away. Does she need reassurance? that she’s not a pump and dump?

Her legs were fucking amazing fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Now she thinks I’m butt-hurt for calling the date off early. Fuck it, I probably gave up too soon and should have kept going for it until she slapped me. gah.

Girls are emotional not logical. meh. fuck, shit, wank.


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  1. She is a virgin… and she has a boyfriend. Red flag: normal game won’t work on her. True that many polish girls are slut, but let’s not forget their catholic background. I have dated a young polish virgin, talking to her I realized she wanted to lose her verginity but hadn’t found the right man yet: indeed she had had a couple of boyfriends already, this meant some polish guys can also be very prude. I guess your girl liked you but was working out her forebrain making a plan such as: I’ll date him but without anything sexual, then I’ll go back to my boyfriend, if things with him will not work out (he won’t take my virginity) I’ll come back and let this guy fuck me. Something like that. If I had been you I would have gone on some sexless dates trying to create an intellectual chemistry and then somehow tried to “make it happen” without ever be sexual before, so to not let her guard coming up. Assuming she was worth the effort.

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  2. I agree with above poster .. you cant expect a girl like this (a young polish virgin) to suddenly jump into bed with you after a quick couple of dates in spite of what most PUA wackos would have you believe. You have to go on several (many) dates with a girl like this and build a connection. Girls are not all out to tool you if they don’t put out ASAP … high quality (good looking and well adjusted girls) usually want to figure what you’re about before sleeping with you [if you were in their shoes wouldn’t you do the same?]. The funny thing is that most PUAs seem to view dates as an ordeal to be suffered in order to get laid, which is part of the poison running through the community (deep misogyny and hatred toward women) , what happened to actually enjoying a girls company? Why don’t you just have fun and stop stressing about getting laid! I know you’ll think this is ‘blue pill’ but if you follow the thinking outlined above you will end up dropping loads of girls who were actually good for you while collecting notches from a bunch of low quality female nut jobs. Berba despite usually being a bit of a joke made a video recently saying “you attract who you are” (which I’m sure he picked up from some other source) which has real truth behind it.

  3. There are two different games: (i) banging sluts (ii) banging normal girls.

    They are both an achievement but require different skill sets. With sluts they are looking for dick and it’s your job to out-compete the other guys in getting the notch that’s on the table. With normal girls that notch won’t happen at all unless you create it from nothing – you aren’t really competing against other men, you’re competing against her hard-wiring to resist new dick.

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      I did a *comfort* date with her today. Couple of hours cycling round Hyde Park, Ice cream, Kyoto Gardens in Holland park. Then she went off to work, I purposely didn’t escalate, bar pretending to throw her in the lake and pushing her off her bike. She suggested she’d cook for me when I left her at the tube station… I’ll just game her more like a normal girl.. take it a bit more relaxed.

  4. Great post. I agree with what Zatara and Krauser have said. Looks like she’s stopping you because she genuinely doesn’t know the steps that come next in the dance. It won’t happen unless you create it out of magic so she can have plausible deniability to say “it just happened”. Forebrain/hindbrain conflicts.

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  6. Banging sluts and banging normal girls bit low So a bloke who sleeps around is a good guy but a girl who sleeps around is a slut Hmm must be missing something here !!!!

    1. Exactly right, because it takes a guy skill and/or value to sleep around. He must have something special, all it takes a woman is a vagina and loose morals

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