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She was almost stumbling looking at her phone then checking the street names, well dressed in a black top and white skirt. Petite frame, long hair, initially I thought she was Spanish but her features had a little arab to them. I saw her off a side street, I was telling Xants my woes about the previous days failed escalation attempts with the Polish girl. Typically, he wasn’t really listening, he was scanning the crowds for a target. Xants has no pheripheral vision,  we’d walked passed the street, he hadn’t spotted her. I decide to cut my story short, since it was a wasted effort and go open her. I followed a couple of minutes until there was room to get in front of her.

“I saw you walking past, I was just over there, I thought you looked really nice, so I had to come say hello.. hello”

She stops dead and looks at me, her eyes sparkle. The conversation is stunted at first, she tells me “I don’t speak English, and asks if I speak french”. I tell her, I speak a few words, I say all the lines from “faux du fafa” – by Flight of the Concords. “ou ehhh la bibliotec… voila mon passport… baguette”.  She starts laughing. I then start repeating what she is saying in English with a mocking heavy pretend French accent. I probe her logistics, she’s not doing anything, she’s just wandering around. I tell her she doesn’t look typically French, more Spanish. She tells me she was born in France but her heritage is from Tunisia.

She then suggests to me, we can walk together. I weigh up the chances of more sets versus getting this one in my bed. I look at her tight skirt, decision made. “Yeah sure”, as we walk I try and piece together a plan for the evening. I text Xants, “on an insta”. Within 5 minutes she’s started punching my arm, almost everything I say she gets mock-outraged by. I start escalation too, pushing her a bit, stopping her for traffic lights etc. We walk to Oxford Circus, then up regents street to the BBC building.  We about turn and I suggest we have a drink in a bar.

She declines, okay, maybe she doesn’t drink at all. We keep walking and I figure, best just to go back towards my place near Edgware Road. I remember Selfridges has a cafe at the top, so I walk her there. As we walking I can see the guys checking her out, she gets scanned alot, she’s hot. I have a boner thinking about her tight little body, her face is quite striking. She reminds me of a porn star called Melanie Rios.

She is very close to this

She is very close to this

We get to the top floor, she tells me she was a make-up artist in Paris, and that she has just broken up with her boyfriend. She is living in Brixton in an airbnb whilst she tries to find work and a place to live in London. This is all good news, as always it turns out to be a bit more complicated than that.

I take a beer, she doesn’t drink anything, I’ve been joking enough, so I move into comfort. Talking about her family, if she likes London, what her plans are etc. We have to switch to google translate a bit, but it works to build the tension a little. We leave Selfridges and stand in the light rain, she pulls me aside and asks me more questions about me. She asks if I do “drag”. For a split second, I’m confused and wonder if she means she wants to see a drag show. I tell her she might be a man in drag, she hits me on the arm, a little harder this time.

She means “dredge”.. as in do I dredge the streets for girls. I tell her yes, but I only caught her today, I tell her she’s too small, and I might throw her back. Queue arm punch, my arm is getting a bit sore now. We walk to Edgware road, she’s told me she likes Shisha. We find a table and order a Shisha and a coke. She tells me she wants “cock”, I realise she means coke, I tell her it’s a bad word in English and means penis, whilst I gesticulate a penis. She can’t stop laughing and goes red.  I tell her I’ll make the order.

We spend a while with the Shisha, then we leave. She’s easy to talk too, I’ve been poking and prodding and touching her. Some resistance but nothing major. We finish up, she goes to the bathroom, when she returns she’s applied a fresh set of make up. She looks hot. I’m still trying to decided if I should escalate to get her back. She’s still not had a drink, and I’ve not kissed her yet. I tell her I’ll walk her to her tube.

We take a back street, it’s dark and I plan for the kiss. I pull her into me under a tree and make out with her. Kiss done. She responds hungrily pushing her tongue down my throat. This is good, I tell her I can take her to my place for some wine, but I’m kicking her out for the last tube home. She agrees, and puts her arm around mine. We walk back to my place. She drinks a water, straight up to the bedroom.

I put on some music, we start making out. Ends up in a lot of dry humping. She’s pushing me away alot. I pull her hair, she moans, I grip her throat, she moans harder. I kiss her hard. She grinds into me, she’s very horny. Then she says she can’t because of “blood”. I tell her I don’t mind, she won’t do it though. My dick is out now, she’s rubbing it, and she pulls my hand over her panties. I rub her, then she gives me a handjob. I cum over her thighs and tell her – “it’s good for the skin”. She then goes and cleans up, when she returns she asks if I want a massage.

Yes, yes I do. She massages my back, then we fall asleep. I try again in the morning for sex, but she won’t. She missed the last tube, she stays and we have breakfast in a little cafe next morning. She wants me to spend the day with her, I tell her I have to work, but that we can go out another night. I leave her at the station, she whispers “j’adore” to me and kisses me then disappears through the barrier into the lift. If I bang her, she’ll be top 3 of the hottest girls I’ve ever laid.

Fucking love daygame.

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