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Girl texting me earlier

Girl texting me earlier

Long session on the streets, hit the perennial problem – flat phone battery. Preference is always for a quick idate, when not possible I take a number or facebook.

So what to do? Drop in to EE store, they’re happy to let use chargers. You’ll be able to hustle charger up from most bar staff, any cafe etc. 15 mins later I had enough battery to last the day with Android Battery Saver mode. Lining up a date with my sexy Russian.

Ruski girl has thick long black hair, and blue eyes – not a combination often seen. She’s from Siberia, so not your regular blond Caucasian to be found west of the Ural mountain range. She bounded out of the tube, wearing a little blue dress and high heels, I love it when girls dress the part for a date.

Bounced from cocktail bar to a quintessentially British pub (which she hated, heh, I told her “I don’t care”), then back to mine for a cup of English tea. She told me how she had just got back from a trip to Italy. An Italian guy hosted her in his Rome apartment, he showed her around for 5 days, and how disappointed he was at the end of all that hard work – she wouldn’t have sex with him! I imagine he bought all the drinks and food too.

Anyway, she was tired, so I walked her to the tube like a gentleman, roll on d2.


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