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Girl texting me earlier

Girl texting me earlier

Long session on the streets, hit the perennial problem – flat phone battery. Preference is always for a quick idate, when not possible I take a number or facebook.

So what to do? Drop in to EE store, they’re happy to let use┬áchargers. You’ll be able to hustle charger up from most bar staff, any cafe etc. 15 mins later I had enough battery to last the day with Android Battery Saver mode. Lining up a date with my sexy Russian.

Ruski girl has thick long black hair, and blue eyes – not a combination often seen. She’s from Siberia, so not your regular blond Caucasian to be found west of the Ural mountain range. She bounded out of the tube, wearing a little blue dress and high heels, I love it when girls dress the part for a date.

Bounced from cocktail bar to a quintessentially British pub (which she hated, heh, I told her “I don’t care”), then back to mine for a cup of English tea. She told me how she had just got back from a trip to Italy. An Italian guy hosted her in his Rome apartment, he showed her around for 5 days, and how disappointed he was at the end of all that hard work – she wouldn’t have sex with him! I imagine he bought all the drinks and food too.

Anyway, she was tired, so I walked her to the tube like a gentleman, roll on d2.


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