Lay Report – 24 year old Muslim Melanie Rios look-a-like

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Yesterday she sent me a long long message explaining “her situation” in London.  She finished the text by calling me “her prince”.  If roles were reversed, this level of neediness in a guy would dry vaginas, a life of involuntary celibacy would be looming large.

After getting a hand job and dry humping her until my dick was sore on the previous date, I was pretty certain the lay was on. She’d suggested meeting the very next day (needy).. I pushed her to the following day. She wanted to dress up and go dancing, I hate mainstream clubs, over-priced and full of dick-heads. I am a pretty good salsa dancer, so I decide to take her to Bar Salsa instead, it has the club vibe, she can dress up and it’s less dickish.

I arrive to Leicester Square tube station late on purpose, I’d taken my time cycling in on a Borris Bike, parked up and was 15 mins behind time. She texts me, that she’s on the bus, okay. Sounds like she’s just leaving, fuck sake. She’s gonna be at least another 30 minutes. I walk up and find a quiet bar, it has a restaurant in the front and the bar is towards the back, it’s dark and actually a pretty good date venue. I buy a pint and settle in at the bar to wait for her to arrive.

I sink my pint, and observe the other occupants of the bar, it’s 45 minutes after the original meet time. I text her, “where are you?, in Paris?”. She responds “I’m here”. So she had arrived and hadn’t texted me. Idiot. I walk down to meet her, I know standard rules are to get her to come to you, but trying to explain to her where I was would have been more painful than trying to make a point. I tell her she’s late and now has to buy me the first round, she apologises, agrees and I let it go.

She’s dressed in a tight black dress, it’s pressed tight over her body, her cleavage is deep showing off her side boobs, hot, I fancy her. She kisses me and we walk back to the bar where I was. I’d not seen her drink anything alcoholic yet, I assumed because she is Muslim. I order a beer, then she starts studying the drinks menu. Her English must be terrible, she points to a something on the menu. I look and it is a lasagna. ha ha, I start laughing and she looks confused. I tell her “that’s not a drink”.

Side cleavage mmm

Side cleavage mmm (no that’s not her, she’s prettier)

I turn the page over and point to the drinks menu, she picks the first one off the list – a Bellini. The bar man has been watching and he’s laughing too. She looks a bit embarrassed. We get the drinks and sit at a corner table. She presses her leg into mine as soon as we’re sat. The conversation flows easily, chit-chat and more teasing. I kiss her, she tries to kiss me, but I move my head back. She punches me in the arm.

We leave and queue for Bar Salsa, she gets ID’d, I don’t. The place is busy, it’s dark, we go to the bar. She doesn’t want another drink, I have another beer. She’d told me she could dance some salsa. It becomes apparent that she lied. I teach her the basics, we dance, I grind into her. A few dances,and  she’s having fun then we sit and make out. More dancing, I finish my beer and move to the main dance floor where there is more space.

More dancing, then we sit again at a corner table, she’s tired now and rests her head on my shoulder, I watch the other girls dancing. She sees me eyeing the girls, and puts her hand over my eyes. I tell her I’m just making sure they have correct technique. We leave the club, by now it’s hitting midnight, I tell her I have some wine at mine. We uber back to mine, she’s (m)nuzzling into me in the back seat.

She won’t drink any wine, I pour half a glass for me and we head up to my room. I put a movie on, she wants to watch “Legend” about the Kray twins. Hmm, pretty violent for a girl. I put it on, we are on the bed, I gradually escalate, I fractionate between watching the movie and kissing, touching her. Some resistance, then I put my hand behind her, rubbing her pussy through her panties. She starts moaning, I pull her panties aside. She is soaking wet, I finger her and kiss her.

I’m on top of her, I pull my dick out and push it into her. She moans, and is very tight at first, she tells me to go slow. I fuck her hard, her head is back and mouth is open as I’m pushing into her.  I choke her a little and push as deep as I can. Her hands are pushing into my stomach as I get really deep. I’m raw d-ing her, I pull out and cum over her little black panties.

I don’t do a post-sex  chat, as I don’t want her to think she’s been slutty and it would be easy to be misunderstood as her English isn’t great. Next morning I walk her to the station. She wants me to spend the day with her again. I tell her I’m busy now, but maybe we can meet later. She’s acting very needy, then she tells me over text she wants to be serious with me. She tells me that she’s a non-practicing Muslim, that her ex-boyfriend was violent with her, that her father died when she was young and that she witnessed it.  That she want’s me to be “her prince”.

All pretty heavy stuff and that’s only the 2nd time that I’ve met her. Mr S thinks she’s a nut job.

A hot nut job though.


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  1. Great report. Gotta love the nuzzling and the slight ditziness of the lasagne drinks. Sounds very feminine. She’ll definitely cross the border into crazy town if she gets pumped and dumped… (Or you’ll open the flood gates to turn her into a raging sloot.)

    1. Post

      Thanks man, had another date with her since. She is feminine but massively jealous and possessive. Will try and keep her around if she can handle me not being her bf. Probably not likely.

  2. Like your blog man Just curious do u practice safe sex ? I got a dose of the clap from a head job I was told you cant get a std from oral sex but you can Not a good feeling the next day when your pissing razor blades Wake up call for me !!! Stay safe.

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