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When I see videos titled “25 lays 50 days 3 teenagers devirginalised” I get interested. If there is an easier way to get pussy with daygame then I’ll definitely take a look. I’ve invested so much time and energy into Daygame that any new method that could get me those results, well, I’m down for.

I’d never heard of Deepak Wayne before, so I click on his video and take a look, what we have is an average looking Brown guy with an Indian accent talking theory to camera in a Kiev mall, no proof or evidence of his successes.



He goes on a diatribe about white British guys only using their “looks, accent and status” to get laid. Well, I’m white and British and have a “high status” English accent I have also daygamed in Kiev, actually I’ve been there 3 times.  Apparently I’ve also never developed any skills when it comes to pickup, because I’m “high status” I don’t spot a girl’s body language, I don’t calibrate to her actions. Blatantly I am obviously shit at Daygame and because I’m white I didn’t have to develop any skills, and the pussy comes flowing to me. “Whatever bullshit” I do to get laid, it’s not based on skill, applied effort or hard work.

This makes me angry, very angry. He’s trying to one-up himself over other daygamers that have a better ticket in the genetic and cultural lottery than him. Why is he doing this? He’s angry, he’s angry at the world for giving him a bad ticket. I watched a few more of his videos and in a few of those he claims to be a Black man. He’s insecure in himself and has to try and present himself as a black man to get girls. Just fucking weird.

He’s already marginalised me and other daygamers, so let’s see if he goes on to back up those outrageous claims. He then goes on to claim he has proof, over and over again. Where is this proof? there are no infields, no blurred photos, screenshots of text exchanges, no written reports of his lays. Nothing. Just a promise to show this proof.

Like anyone, I like to show off a little, so I’m always pretty quick to put a blog post about any recent success. If he’d fucked 25 girls in 50 days, he’d have hours and hours of footage, thousands of text messages and he’d put them online pretty fucking quickly. I’m still waiting, and I know for sure this will be a long wait, because the evidence will never come.

He then plays the victim card, “I am the guy with the worst circumstances”.  Aww, poor him, I can’t deny he has the odds stacked against him.  But most good daygamers just accept their short comings and get on with it without the need to tell us why they shouldn’t normally be able to get pussy.

Any video that has something like “ugly guy, short guy, immigrant guy, old guy – gets hot girl” is a victim card move, it’s not an attempt to show you them overcoming adversity. It’s instead an attempt to identify with an audience of  guys that don’t get girls and then SELL them some thing.

The key word there is SELL. He is a commercial entity, his sole purpose isn’t to help other guys get laid or document his journey. The purpose of his video is to SELL coaching to new guys coming into daygame for the first time.  This is the same for EVERY other commercial pick-up company, they want to sell you something, they don’t give a shit about you or your successes. If you open your mind to this you can reverse engineer his tactics:

  • Post click-bait “outrageous claim” video
  • Identify self with the disadvantaged and unsuccessful guy
  • Tap emotionally into his feelings of self-worth – “don’t worry I’m like you too”
  • Create an “us and them” by nay-saying “high status” guys
  • Explain how the unsuccessful guy is better than those that “have it easy”
  • Tell him he can have it all too – if only he develops skills
  • Sell him coaching

Good strategy, no?

I’ve been nice about him until now. I’m calling him out as a fraud, his vibe is fucking creepy and cringy, his English is fucking shit, his approaches are clownish. He’s also a hypocrite, claiming that 2nd/3rd world countries are easy for London daygamers, but hang on where is he? Kiev. He’s selling an unrealistic dream to newbies by artificially inflating his actual successes. The shame of this, is that guys without much experience will actually believe him and hand him cash.

25 girls in 50 days?  3 virgins taken. yeah yeah yeah. Fucktard.





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  1. your right its utter bullshit but are you guys now going to take on all the other frauds in this business? someone like torero got caught red handed faking videos but that seems to have been forgiven and forgotten pretty easily as he has a special place in many daygamer’s hearts (since I guess daygame.com popularised street game in London).

  2. This guy stinks of BS. Doesn’t appear to have any credibility. Shite accent. It’s good we make an assessment of him.
    Reminds me of Simon Spencer, although at least he has some infields. I wonder if Daniel Blake genuine too?
    Like when judging the authenticity of a painting, we check the detail, the evidence, materials, quality of the workmanship all stack up.

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