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I had a near miss with a 32 year old “Amanda Holden” look-a-like. Spent the whole afternoon and evening with her, bounced her across several bars and back to mine. She had told me the date she was due to have that evening had cancelled her. She’d come up from near Brighton to London for the day, she’d done some shopping. Now she was about to have a G+T then head home. I told her I’d go for a drink with her.

We walk to a bar, she seems to be enjoying the randomness of the encounter but seemed a bit nervous as she’s jabbering a lot. She keeps saying how random this is, am I doing it for a joke or are we being filmed?. I tell her the cameras are everywhere, but no, I thought she looked nice and wanted to say “Hi”. I’d spotted her when I was with Xants at a Pret, she walked past outside. I quickly finished my sandwich and followed. I noticed her tight jeans, nice ass and she was well dressed.  Her is face is pretty, I fancy her. She later told me her jeans were a size too small, no wonder they looked fucking tight.

We hit a couple of bars, and I walk her back towards my place. She’s throwing out the tests a lot, and rather than enjoy the afternoon she seems to prefer to kind of analyse the whole thing. She reminds me of Vicky in Vicky Christina Barcelona.


“Does she always analyze every inspiration until its grain of charm is… Uh… squeezed out of it?”

She’s hot though, so I brush aside most of the tests, in the 2nd bar I lean across the table and kiss her. She responds, kiss done. I sense it’s still a bit early to take her back to mine. We’ve had 4 drinks by now, she mentions getting her train back to Brighton. I tell her we can grab a bite to eat then I will send her home. We share a pizza at a little rustic Italian place. She tells me about her last relationship which was 7 years. He was constantly cheating on her, she found out it all at the end of the relationship.

She didn’t seem that bitter about it, more sad. He was a rich guy, same age as me, she told me that they also slept in separate beds. That he’d fuck her, then leave after literally tucking her into bed. I asked why she had stayed with him so long, she couldn’t give me an answer. I switch topic to lighten the mood. We role play me being her boss and her being the secretary. Gets a bit sexual, we finish, I’m staring at her. She’s staring back, then split the bill and leave. Kiss more, this time I’m grabbing her big sexy ass, she’s moaning lightly.

I tell her we can have one more drink at mine, I buy a bottle of wine and we walk back. In the room, she seems nervous again. I put some music on, I’m sensing the bubble bursting. She checks her phone, she tells me she has to go in an hour. Okay, I say. I kiss her, she takes off her shoes and is on the bed. We’re on the bed kissing hungrily, she tells me to take her top off. I unbutton it and get her large tits out. They are fucking amazing, I kiss and suck them.

I rub her pussy over her jeans, she pulls my hand and pushes it down into her panties. She’s incredibly wet, I start fingering her. Her head is back moaning, then suddenly she stops. Pulls my hand out and tells me she can’t do this. That is’s too random and too soon. Fuck.

I tell her it’s okay I understand, it’s soon. She tells me she has to go. She dresses, I sense the door has shut. So I walk her to the tube station.




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      Errr, she got dressed and left. Forcing her onto my bed and raping her would have been my only option for sex, call me old fashioned but I’d rather she want to fuck me. When you’ve done this enough times, you know when its token resistance and when its a genuine wish to go.

  1. Definitely not a fail. You can’t win them all. Forebrain – hindbrain conflict is strong the older and the more intelligent/intellectual the chicks are. You got as far as you could.
    The only other way I could see hou you could have got around that is if you had her logistics on side which meant she had to stay the night then you could have tried again in the morning. (I.e. Either she had nothing much to do the next day, or it was easily “cancellable”. Or you deliberately stalled her so she would miss the last train, but that would be a dickish move.) And the unless they are aimless hippy wanderers the older smarter ones tend to be doing something with their lives which prevents “random nights out” a little. Tough one…

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      She’d already missed her last train back, her sister lived in London, so she went to meet her. Thought she might get back in touch, but looks like the lead is dead. :/

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