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Polish virgin

So I ended up going on 6 dates with the Polish virgin, trying to squeeze her in, well my dick in her, before she left to go back to Poland. Unfortunately I never managed to get the notch, I did a few comfort dates, including cycling around Hyde park, then a picnic in Richmond park. The last three dates I got her to my bedroom, the 2nd to last and last, I even had my dick “on” not “in” her pussy.

When I tried to stick it in.. “just the tip” her legs would snap shut. After the 6th date, she flew back to her little town in Poland, we haven’t really text much since. I imagine things might change if she goes ahead and dumps her bf.  I should try a bit harder to keep in contact and have her in the holding pattern though. Perhaps a visit to Poland could be worth it.

Melanie Rios 

The French-Tunisian I met has proven to be weird and needy. She keeps “breaking up” with me over text, as I mostly ignore her messages. I did do two more dates with her, and she was quite good fun, she’s really angling for a boyfriend though, not me, I’m sure she’ll find some simp. Her texts to me are just selfies of her followed by “how are you?”.  She doesn’t have a job, and I can’t work out what the hell she does during the day. I’ll probably try and keep her around because she’s cute, but the sex is a bit vanilla.


"Break up" yesterday

“Break up” yesterday

Hong Kong girl

The one plate I see once a week is the girl from Hong Kong. She loves sex and has been hitting the gym like crazy, she’s also pretty adventurous. We went to Richmond Park, the same as with the Polish girl. I used the date with HK to sound out the park. In the middle of the park there is a wooded area, we went into there and I banged her, before she got down onto her knees and sucked me off. I came into her mouth, she swallowed it down. Good to be outdoors. She also loves anal. 😀

German girl 

A year ago I stopped a girl, then one  month ago she reopened me over text. I’d deleted her number as it hadn’t gone anywhere, and she’d gone back to Germany. It had been a quick stop near Covent Garden. I obviously made an impression on her. Anyway, turns out at the time she’d had a boyfriend so couldn’t “do anything”.  I was quite surprised when she told me she was coming back to London and wanted to meet me.

I remember her being pretty hot. We organise to meet one afternoon in Camden, she turns up cute in a red dress, I instantly fancy her.  We wander around Camden and Regents Park. The date went well, I try for the kiss on a few occasions but don’t get it. You don’t get penalised for escalating. A few hours later and she has to go meet her friends, she invites me. I decline the invite, but we organise to meet the following evening at Oxford circus. It’s her last night before she is due to fly back to Germany.

We meet, and if I thought she’d looked hot yesterday, I was blown away today. She turned up to the date in tight jeans and a cowgirl shirt showing off her midriff, flat stomach and pierced naval. “You look nice” (understatement), I tell her, “almost as sexy as me”.  I think that’s a Tom Torero line. We go to a cocktail bar I know, I feel like a King as she grips my arm, she’s drawing stares from guys. At the bar she has a coke and I have a cocktail. She doesn’t drink.

Rather than hit bars we walk around central London, Piccadilly Circus, through Trafalgar square and to Big Ben. I’d tried again for the kiss in Trafalgar square, failed again. I’m pushing her, pulling her hair, teasing her then we sit in front of the London Eye on a bench by the river. Finally we kiss, and the flood gates open as she gets into it. I then push her away and tell her she needs more practice. I get a feel of her ass whilst I kiss her, fuck it’s good. After the kiss she told me she had wanted to kiss me yesterday, but she liked me too much so wanted to make me wait for it.

The date is winding up as it’s almost midnight. I don’t feel like the lay is on. I had a good five minute internal analysis of the date in my head deciding whether to try and pull the trigger and get her back. In the end I go with my gut, so rather than push for her to come back to mine, I tell her I have to get up early in the morning. I say good bye and push her towards the tube entrance.

Well it must have worked, as she has since suggested I come to Germany to see her. “We could share a hotel” she said. I told her yes, but “no sex, you have to wine and dine me first”.

The hotel is booked, so I’m seeing her soon.


I also banged a 38 year old Italian I met in a pub when I “wasn’t doing game”. Not my finest hour but it was good practice in fast escalation, well that’s what I’m claiming. I started a new contract job in London and was feeling burnt out from all my previous daygaming, so I’ve taken a few weeks off the streets. I’m getting my daygame mojo back now, so we should have some more reports soon. 😉



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  1. Another good post mate.

    Why is this German girl making you wait though? Sounds like there’s a bit of K-selection going on there and she’s waiting for you to invest. Girls aren’t supposed to make you wait for r-selection lays because it’s them that want it more than we need it (our abundance vs them not finding the adventure sex anywhere else). I don’t think going to that hotel is the best idea…

    1. Post

      I’d also add that if I’d had another date with her in London I’d have banged her, was just forced to push her to long game because of her logistics. She is more k-selected, and a higher quality girl than most I’ve had recently. She turned down a millionaire footballer because he had a wife. We’re meeting in a city that’s neither hers nor mine, so it will have the adventurous holiday aspect.

      She’s sub communicated that we’re gonna have sex through our text chats. I’m sure I can get the conversion.

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