The function of daygame

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I’m not writing a full lay report on the German girl. The upsides to that report are that you get to read a juicy account of me banging her and the strategies I employed to get the notch. The downsides are that she potentially finds this blog and I never see her again.

I’m putting my personal interests first. I did fuck her, it wasn’t the first night, and it was a bit of a battle. It was worth the uncertainty of going to Germany to see her and potentially being blue-balled. I actually really quite like her, so we’ll see how it goes.

Which leads me to the point of this post, opportunities and risk -recognising then calculating the downside of any action versus the potential upsides.

I love running late, at 9pm, it’s dark and there are very few other runners. I think a lot when I’m on these runs, what I’m doing with my life, what my goals are, how I can achieve them. Before one of my late night runs I stumbled across a YouTube video  called “10 secrets to financial success” featuring Anton Kreil, then spent the whole run thinking about it.


The title sounds cringe-worthy, but the content is pure gold and every secret, lets call them “principle” can be applied to daygame and specifically living a more informed life style. Probably Anton wouldn’t know what red pill is, and even if he did he wouldn’t care, but his advice is excellent.


The function of daygame (testing for opportunities)

In the video Anton talks about the function of money, why it exists – to solve the needs of the double coincidence of wants. Understand money and respect it he says, I say understand daygame and respect it.

Daygame is a market maker, it’s a mechanism to allow you to attempt a transaction (sex) between you and the girl. (not literally, we’re not talking buying girls like greasy Arabs in Kiev) You both potentially have “wants” that align. She could be horny and desire to get fucked, you could “want” to be the one to bang her out. Win / Win.

If your wants are aligned, then your relative SMVs come into play along with your ability to seduce her and her resistance to you, this is the equivalent to negotiation. You have an opportunity to transact and for you both to get what you want.

If she doesn’t want sex or more specifically doesn’t want sex with you, then there is no market. Your wants don’t align, so there is no transaction to be made, better to find another opportunity, open more girls.

It also works the other way, you might “warm up” on an unattractive opportunity, but you don’t want to fuck her. She might want to get fucked, but again your wants don’t align. You leave and delete her number, no transaction, no sex takes place.

So the function of daygame is really just a way to test many opportunities to see if a market can open (ahem legs) and a transaction take place. 😉


Being indifferent to daygame (outcome independence)

Daygame, like money is just a mechanism, you should respect and understand it but be indifferent to it. It’s a way to see if wants align between two individuals. Since on the whole you can’t control her wants, then you have to be outcome independent. Most of the time, even before you approach, or  in the first few moments of the negotiation the outcome is already determined. Yes / Maybe / No girls. Most girls are No, some maybe and fewer are Yes.

Lets say 15% of girls you approach are maybes, that means for the rest of the girls the outcome is determined.  Yes girls you just lead them through the steps (now half price) and no girls you eject from.

Therefore the majority of time you can’t influence her choice (85%), so the only rational response is to be indifferent.


Risk (Putting yourself in situations where there are almost zero downside and where the potential upside is limitless)

Anton also goes on to talk about risk and becoming wealthy, he explains how most people are terrible judges of risk. Risk is subjective and not two dimensional. In daygame terms what most guys do is they calculate the downsides of an approach too harshly, when actually the downside is very very small compared to the potential upsides.


Worse case scenarios (rejected)

  • Tells you to fuck off or the Police arrive.
  • She ignores you
  • Awkward interaction

Neutral scenarios (rejected politely)

  • Politely declines
  • She has a boyfriend / married

Positive scenarios (conversation, kissing, fucking)

  • Pleasant chat
  • Number and kiss
  • You fuck her
  • You fuck her a lot
  • Infinite fucking

So the potential downsides are really just being rejected and opportunity cost of your time, but the potential upsides are fucking a hot young tight girl as much as you want. Yes, as much as you want, well as long as her wants stay aligned with yours. 😉

Anton mentions that to become wealthy all you have to do is find opportunities where risk is very small but potential gains are huge and keep repeating your actions.

The analogy with daygame is obvious, the real risks are very very small but the potential is enormous. Every daygame approach has a tiny amount of downside, and the downside actually get less the more you approach, you become hardened to the rejection. So each approach decreases the potency of the downside whilst the rewards remain massive.

The rational act is therefore to approach every opportunity. This is the way I’ve started to think about my approaches and I encourage you to do the same. Try and objectively look at daygame and when you hesitate on that approach, think of the downside (tiny) then compare that to bareback fucking her, her head banging against the wall, her moaning in pleasure from hot filthy sex whilst you destroy her*.

That might just help swing you into action, test for opportunities, be indifferent, recognise the actual risks and good luck.


*may or may not be a recent memory of the German girl..







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