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With Xants suffering a daygame meltdown of sorts, and myself lacking any real motivation to hit the streets. We’re probably not the best daygame blog to read at the minute. Actually I’d advise reading some of the latest from this Irish idiot called Roy Walker. He’s had some stunning results recently, we’re claiming it’s because of his accent. Not because girls would find it sexy or anything, more because they’ll not understand a word he says, and that’ll make him intriguing.

I’ve done a few lunch time approaches, collected a few numbers, all have since died off, either because of lack of effort on my part, or they weren’t that interested in the first place. I did an after work session with Xants last Friday. We wandered around central and I pretty much just watched him approach whilst I told him about the German girl that I went to see. He probably wasn’t listening, belay that, he definitely wasn’t listening.

I think I did two approaches, both blow outs. We decided that directly after work, 6ish on a Friday, is an awful time to do daygame in London. All the girls seem to be rushing home or rushing somewhere to meet mates. We used that as an excuse and hit the pub. Three beers later, I finally managed to get Xants to listen to a story of mine, beer melts his “why are we not talking about me” wiring. After a lengthy story about banging the German, it finally clocked with him that I’d nailed her and that I liked her. “ohh, so you banged her then, you have one-itus”, were his conclusions.

The worst of the Friday rush was done, so we headed back to the streets. Determined to prove that I don’t have oneitus. A cute girl in fashion glasses walked passed, she eyed us. Xants had been opening everything, I drag my heels a bit, but I jump in front of her.
I motion her to take out her head-phones, they are pink, I ask if she bought them from the Disney store, aren’t they for little princesses, “you don’t look like a princess”. She seemed a bit shocked but I could see she liked the tease. She is Romanian, works in a department store on Oxford street, had just finished work.

We chat for 20 minutes, it’s a really long set. Xants is hovering in the background, he’s motioning me to go for an insta-date. I’d already asked and she refused twice. (not my first rodeo Xants!) She’s laughing at almost everything I say, this is good. I build a picture of her coming from a small backward town in Romanian, I ask if she milks the village cow, and do they have modern things like hot water and internet there.

She bites and runs with the assumptions, she tells me she has to milk the cow twice a day and it’s a 10 mile walk each way from her little house to the cow. This is good, I number close and send her on her way.

She leaves, by this time Xants has gone to find another set. I’m on a post awesome-set high, we have a burger from McDonalds and I tell him about the set, he listens for a change then calls me a cunt. High praise indeed. :D.

We then walk towards Oxford circus, I jump in front of two French girls. They are sisters in London for the weekend. Both cute, I get their logistics, they go back Monday. We try and bounce them to a bar, but they have just arrived and want to head back to their hotel.

Fuck, she seems keen, but I am in Germany for the weekend until Tuesday. I number close the closest sister to me anyway, and Xants closes the other. We leave them and head to O’Neils for a last beer. Xants opens a two set at the bar, shot down. I tell him it’s karma, he shouldn’t have called me a cunt earlier. 😀

I head home and pack my bags, ready for an early flight to Germany to see the German girl for the 2nd visit. The weekend was bloody filthy. I can tell she’s falling for me. She’ probably the best quality girl I have met since my daygame career started and she’s very hot to boot.

Life is good.

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