Lay Report: 23 year old English promotions girl

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A 23 year old tanned skinned sexy half Italian/English girl in heels and a black figure hugging dress lying on my bed and flicking off her shoes off whilst staring at me in the eyes. These are some of the victorious moments in daygame, the ones to relish.

I met her last week on my lunch break, I was wandering around near Kings Cross station looking to make some use of the time by making some approaches. She was wearing a skirt and boots showing off her legs, bare to the cold autumn air. I left it a little long to open as some anxiety hit. I think she purposely gave me the time to come talk to her though, as she stopped for 2 minutes and packed something into her handbag.

I’m pretty sure that she’d eyed me as she had walked past, the stop was brief, she’d just had a business meeting apparently. I’m skeptical of that now that I’ve spent more time with her.

I noticed she had green eye contacts, I didn’t mention them, too obvious. I riffed off her coat, saying it was great, I let that sink in, then that my Grandma had one just like it, but she was the most stylish Grandma I know. I saw the shock of the comment hit, then she started laughing.

I then told her, she made me run to come talk to her, she said she wanted me to keep fit. She said she’d spotted me hanging around and wondered what I was doing. “Talking to girls” I told her. Then she told me I was weird, but cute. Boom, a yes girl.

She lived just outside of London, so I teased her about living in the middle of nowhere. The interaction was light, I got the number then sent her on her way. She ended up canceling our first date, as she’d “forgotten about it”. Despite that she’d confirmed it on Sat afternoon for the following Monday evening. I pegged her as a moron, and put her as low priority. She did however apologise and ask to reschedule.

I responded “I’ll think about it”. Then left it two days, bit more flirting and I went for the 2nd date request. She agreed and we met at Oxford Circus at 730pm on a Thursday evening. The date time came around, we’d been texting in the day. Then 15 mins before we are due to meet she tells me that she just woke up and was going to be late. “45 minutes”.

I ‘m pissed at her, and just tell her to hurry up and that she better be dressed cute. Now, throw myself into a daygame? or go for a beer whilst I wait. I see another daygamer I know, decision made, so I wing with him for a bit. I do one set, a German girl. She gives me her number, but I can tell it’s weak, as the set was a bit shit.

My wing then insta-dates a hot girl in a red dress, it’s started to rain so I take that as my queue to have a beer. To stay social I chat to some guys next to me at the bar, I know fuck all about organised sport, fuck is this more awkward that dayame? i change topic, and I tell them I’m waiting for a date.

She text’s me, she’s arrived. Only an hour late, I let her stew for 10 mins then go meet her. I spot her waiting, she’s dressed up, she looks very good. I tell her she’s minus 10 points for being late. She asks where we’re going. I tell her I was gonna take her to my favorite bar but because she is late we’re going to a pub instead.

I do some regular chit-chat as I find a bar, I order us both a drink. The conversation flows easily, she takes a cocktail I take a beer. I find some stools and we sit at a table. She’d been sexual over text, so it was easy to dive into sexual topics. I start lightly asking about her ex boyfriend, she tells me she broke up with him 3 months ago because he cheated on her.

She then went onto explain how she found out. She’d been staying at his house, then the police knocked on the door. They came in and formally arrested him on suspicion of rape. The case is in the courts, she told me he didn’t do it, but the girl was vindictive after he kicked her out the following.

There is a lesson right there, always treat the girl well after you have slept with them, and get them to at least send you a text saying how great the night was.

I teased her for being an essex girl, for having fake tan and botox lips. She has none of that, she’s half Italian, hence the duskier complexion. I even told her I’d thought she was on drugs when I’d met her on the street, because her eyes looked weird. (the green contacts)

I pulled her stool to me, I quite like doing that, it shows some physical dominance and tried for the kiss, no dice. Then she said “your upset now” aren’t you, I looked at her and started laughing, it was a feeble attempt to shit test me. I said I thought you had something in your eye, and it’s my job to try and kiss you anyway.

I got us both a second drink, since she never offered, I just assume she was pretty poor. I turn back and catch her watching me from the bar. I then send her a message whilst at the bar telling her, that her dress is cute with a devil smiley. Return and throw in some DHVs about traveling to Colombia and Thailand, then I tell her I have my own company, and work for myself, all true.

I pull her in for the 2nd attempt at kiss, it’s easy, slight resistance, but the kiss comes and she’s passionate with it. She’s horny, I can tell. I ask her the last time she had sex, she tells me 3 weeks ago with her ex-bf. Even a rape charge doesn’t stop her wanting to bang him.

Same tits, complexion and body.

Same tits, complexion, style, not as slim but with younger face than her.

We finish the 2nd drink, I tell her it’s her round, she tells me she doesn’t want another drink. I tell her I have some wine at mine, we can go back and watch Finding Dory. She says Okay, then tells me she’ll just stay for one drink. Okay, 😉

Tube back to mine, it’s a hellish slow walk from the tube to my place, as she’s going a snails place in her heels. Arrive, I’d bought wine earlier, I take that and some glasses and go to my room. She immediately sits on the bed.

She show’s me her blog, but acts shy when I start reading some of her writing. I kiss her again, and put some music on. I’m hard, so I put her hands on my dick. She moans lightly whilst I’m kissing her. I stop kissing her, and she moves straight to my dick. Pulls down my jeans and gets it out, she starts sucking me off. I like this girl.

Her dress is riding up, she has a tiny thong on. She came to fuck. I pull it down and pull my jeans off. Then I bang the fuck out of her, slap her a bit, which she loves. The sex is really good, I do her raw, really pound her. She’s a noisy one too, which is awesome. Then am over her, I tell her I want to come, she says just the tits.

It’s been four days without sex for me, and no choking the chicken either. So I angle up over her tits, and instead it hits her face. Two big silvery streams, one hitting her cheek the other her chin and lips. The rest falling onto her neck and upper chest. I missed her tits completely, opps. 😉 She comments, “that’s alot”.

That moment was glorious, another daygame memory to cherish. Whilst she’s looking at me cover in cum,  I pass her a t-shirt to clean up. Then do a post sex interview. I ask her when she decided to sleep with me, she said it “just happened”. Then I ask her how many men she’s s slept with, she tells me she’s had sex with 4, and “done other stuff” with 2 others. She’s looking at me to see if I’m gonna judge her. I tell her that’s not a lot for a 23 year old. I tell her she can stay if she wants, she nods her head, pulls my arm over her then we fall asleep.

Follow morning, I wake up early, then I brush my teeth and return to bed. She’d lying there asleep in just her panties. When I return she’s incredibly warm, I spoon her, she wakes up, I massage her thighs, then her pussy. She gets wet and horny again, I get a second bang in the morning, cumming over abdomen. After 30 minutes, she cleans up and gets dressed. I walk her to the tube, she thanks me for a great night, then I go to work.

Daygame, daygame daygame. Yeah.

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  1. When you say ‘I do her raw’, I assume you mean without condoms.

    Since you do so many ‘raws’, aren’t you putting yourself to risk of disease ‘statistically speaking’?

    [Nice attempt at shaming me. You’re from India based on your email address, so let’s talk about that. ‘Statistically speaking’ you are more likely to rape a woman than a North American or European man.

    According to this article in an Indian newspaper:

    In India:
    “The WHO estimates that 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 have experienced forced sexual intercourse or other sexual violence.”

    You come from a backwards country that has a record of a huge amount of real sexual violence towards women and children. Not the made up false rapes claims we have in the UK. Look to deal with your own shit first before coming to me.

    So, thanks for your concern for my welfare, better you stop reading this blog and go somewhere else:

    Follow his steps and you’ll be raping fucking 10 girls two of which are virgins within a week.. go get em.

    – V]

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