Date report: 20 year old Romanian girl – slap and spank

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I got the Romanian girl out for a date, she’d been back to her home town, and I’d been to Germany. When I got back I fired her a message to meet, I decide to double book her with the English girl, thinking one or the other would flake. The Romanian girl didn’t really flake, she just didn’t confirm, expecting me to chase her, next morning she sends me a text. “Hi, how r u?” Classic tight girl game right there.

Another non-confirmation, I wait a bit and tell her awesome, and “btw, you didn’t confirm tonight so I made other plans”. That’s a push. I also told her I’d given the keychain I bought for her to my nephew. (we had a deal, she’d buy me Romanian chocolate, I’d get her a keychain). Some more flirting, then a 2nd request for a date on Sunday, she agrees, she’ll meet me after work at Oxford circus at 6:20pm.

I meet her, I arrive 10 minutes late. She’s looking hot, heels, and black dress for work, but she’s not really looking sexy as it’s work attire rather than date attire. I tell her she looks nice, she takes the compliment.. then i throw in “almost as nice as me”. Yeah that’s a Torero line. It sets the tone for the evening, a bit of chit-chat and I walk her to a coffee bar. The conversation on the walk escalates quickly, she asks where we’re going, and that I could be taking her to rape her. That’s an heavy IOI.

I ask her if that’s her fantasy, she says it is. Then tells me all girls have that fantasy. I tell her I’m taking her to my van, that I have the mattress, chains, ski-mask and gloves there. Then she goes on to explain she likes to be dominated but it has to be friendly, and with a guy she trusts. So she wants a friendly-rape, a “Frape” I tell her, she starts laughing.

I tell her she’s a princess and we talk about which prince she would marry. She won’t marry Harry, as he’s too old (he’s the same age as me, she doesn’t know that).  I accuse her of wanting to marry prince George, that she’s a pervert for wanting to marry a kid. I tell her I’ll call the Queen and have her thrown out of the country.

We sit and have coffee, the place is closing in 20 mins, she tells me “it’s closing, well done, you researched this place”. I laugh at her, and tell her nope, but what coffee does she want?. We drink coffee, it’s tit-for-tat of borderline insults, I accuse of being “Bulgarian”, having an infected nose stud, painted on eyebrows, weird hands, webbed-feet and wanting to marry her cousin. The list goes on and on. I can tell she’s enjoying it, she’s not used to being treated this way. She fires back a whole load of stuff too, I can feel the playful sexual tension. She starts punching me on the arm and stomach a lot, and threatening to knee me in the balls.

I get called an ass-hole more times than I can remember, the coffee-bar is closing so I walk her to another bar. She wants a Bellini I tell her I’m going to order a beer. So here is one of those pass-or-die shit tests they can throw out at you. They seem innocuous but they are a big test of your frame. She tells me “I don’t like the smell of beer,  don’t get a beer”. I look at her and say “No, I’m getting a beer”. There are two minutes of her trying to explain to me she hates the smell and that I should listen to her request. I look at her and tell her, “I’m getting a beer”.

The waitress takes the order, and Romanian gives me a dirty look, her drink arrives, but mine doesn’t, the waitress tells me they don’t have any bottles of the beer I ordered left. A grin spreads across Romanians face, she says “look, it’s a sign, order something else”. Now pay close attention, because this is where most guys would make the mistake. They’d use this “act of god”, as an excuse to placate the girl and would order another drink instead. This would be the wrong move.

I double down and ask the waitress what other beers she has, she explains the beer list. I take my time to order and relish the whole process. After the waitress brings me my beer the girl says “you did that on purpose, just so you wouldn’t do what I want, that’s childish”. I look at her, and tell her “look, If I didn’t order the beer you wouldn’t respect me, you brought it on yourself”. She looks at me and says “you’re smarter than you look”. I sip the beer and tell her “you’re more of an idiot than you look”, with a smirk. She punches me on the chest.

The physicality ramps up, she’s touching me and me her. I attempt a kiss, but she rebuffs it. I ask her the last time she had sex, she tells me it was in April when she broke up with her ex. She asks me the same question, I tell her I refuse to answer as it’s too personal. She says “but I told you, that’s not fair”. I tell her that since she grew up in “Bulgaria” that she should know life isn’t always fair. Cue punch. Then she decides slapping me is a good idea, only lightly.  I let her do it, but tell her to make it harder next time.

Really it’s just an excuse for her to let me get more physical with her, I pull her stool into me (Vaughn stool pull TM) and grab her wrists and pull her hair. I then lightly slap her on the face too. She’s shocked, no one ever slapped me she says, not even my dad, you shouldn’t I’m a girl. I look at her and lightly slap her again, she goes red. I try for the 2nd attempt at the kiss, another rebuff. I’m not going to kiss you she says. That’s okay, I won’t try again I tell her.

Not a million miles from this

Not a million miles from this, less busty than her and softer featured.

She doesn’t take a second drink, I do, another beer. More physicality, then I bed it down by asking her about her family and friends and life in London. it gets to 9pm and she tells me she has to go. I walk her back to Bond Street station, I pull her down a side alley and try for the kiss, she resists at first, I pull her hood up over her head (Vaughn Hood-Pull TM) and literally pull her face to me, I kiss her, she kisses back. She bites me hard, I bite back harder.

More kissing, then I slap her ass. We walk down to Bond street station. More teasing, she elbows me quite hard in the stomach, I react and slap her really hard on the ass, it makes a really loud thwack. We’re in a bubble, then I realise 6 or 7 passersby witnessed it, a couple of them look a bit shocked.

She tells me she’d never had a guy slap her in public like that, she tells me she likes it.

We get to the station, I tell her I have wine back at mine, she refuses to come back. I weigh up what she’s told me, it had seemed a pretty hard no to coming back, and decide that actually she really isn’t a slut.  So a quick goodbye, and I walk away not looking back.

That really was a fun date. Xants commented that I should have tried for a toilet bang. He may have been correct, maybe I should have tried some more sexual physical escalation, but I really didn’t feel that she was DTF tonight. I don’t even think she expected to kiss me.

I’m guessing she’s slept with 3 guys in total and I think two of those have been boyfriends. They have all been young, around her age, she told me they are childish, that she got bored with her last boyfriend, as all they did was watch TV.  She tells me she doesn’t want a pussy for a boyfriend. She’s hot, and the store she works in she gets guys trying to ask her out all the time. When we were out there were fellas staring at her. She also has instagram, facebook, snapchat accounts, and is active on them. She gets attention, but it’s all the Beta supplicating stuff.  She’s a middle-low 8 I’d say, just turned 20 years old, pretty face and in very good shape.

I think she’s actually very K selected, based on the evidence above you’d be thinking I should bang her in the next couple of dates. My gut tells me she’ll be hard to lay, and she’ll want commitment. If I stay “fuck boy” (her words for me) enough though, I think I can get the notch.

I didn’t even do any Daygame this weekend, I have too many leads at the moment.

I also won 2k on Trump, life is good.





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  1. She may not have come back to yours on first date if she was one of the 25% of girls who are on their period at any given moment of the month. That said, I had a girl stay over on first date who was on, and another who started (got messy, think CSI photos).

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