Choose life, not Spinsterhood

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Being a Spinster ain’t big or clever. Choose a life girls.

London is full of happy go lucky girls in early 20s, lonely girls in 30s, and bitter girls in 40s, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The signs are clear, if only their close friends would give them some home truths. Or maybe a few Eastern European girls could give them tips? Life has to be lived forwards, but can only be understood backwards.

All girls want to land a great guy, they need to put the effort in to get what they want. It’s a shrewd woman who chooses a great guy and doesn’t opt for promiscuity, smoking and couch potato lifestyle until it’s too late. A girl should start with the outcome in mind. Where would she like to be in my 40s? If it’s single and grey, that’s fine. If it’s married with kids, she’s going to have to make the right choices to get where she wants to be.


The well trodden path to becoming a spinster

1) Wasted their 20s, binge drinking, smoking, drugs, promiscuous with guys who upfront told them implicitly or explicitly they didn’t want to ever date her exclusively.

Often looking for flings with older and/or married guys for the thrill/excitement of it.

2) Missing out on the great guys that did come their way, because these 20s girls didn’t want any commitment (believing they can have it all, fuck their way through 20s, then land a great guy after).

3) Early 30s, looks fading, getting depressed, overweight, mates are all married having kids.
What to do? re-train! go back to Uni, become a Psychologist! Start own business! “Once I am a rich business woman at 45 – then all guys will want me!” – Seriously? When her skin looks like a cheap leather desert boot.

4) Now post online on Instagram, Facebook, “I don’t need a man – I’ll just be fine on my own”. Check all the comments, no one will tell her she is in denial.
Surround myself with other spinsters who also say “we don’t need a man!”, “He didn’t make the grade, didn’t like his socks, he’s out!”. “There are no good men left!” – The sisterhood of negativity prevails.
Dabble with lesbian relationships with other spinsters.

5) Move to a rural location with no suitable guys. Then tell all their friends “well, there are no suitable men in the countryside!”

6) Live the rest of the life a lonely spinster, reading 50 shades of grey, wondering why they got left in this predicament.

Some of these older girls will marry beta males who put up with their shit. Eastern Europe girls know to leverage looks to get the guy.

Independent women

As soon as a girl says she’s an independent woman, “doesn’t need a man”, happy and content on her own – every guy will conclude that she’s not girlfriend material, because quite specifically it’s not what she’s looking for – who is going to bother chasing a girl who is that adamant she doesn’t want a partner. If you do get them, they’re so fickle that they disappear again because of their broken mindset. When at her age, she can’t be more demanding, when she’s less in demand. She’ll hold these false attitudes this until 40s, then have a meltdown/breakdown and genuinely have to settle for a guy only half as good as the ones from 15 years earlier. The ones that got away.

What’s life like for a 40s woman?

They’re basically for flings/one-night-stands, operating as mistresses (aka soft-prostitution) for guys around 50 years old. If he’s divorced she’ll have to tolerate his children from past relationships.


Food for thought

What do you think of an unemployed guy at 27 yr living in London? What are his dating prospects?
How does this compare with what you would think of an unemployed 27 yr old woman living in London? What are her dating prospects.

The girl doesn’t need to be employed, but the guy does.

More women than men

Female life expectancy is longer, so there are always ~12% more women than men. There must be a hell of a lot of single women out there.

Christmas Cake

In japan the guys call unmarried girls past their 25th Stale Christmas Cake. I guess it now could be NYE cake, to give them a chance up to their 31st.


Get the Ferrari while you can

Vaughn came up with a good analogy. At 22 they had the assets (looks) to get a Ferrari. At 33, they go back in the Ferrari garage and say “I’ll take that one!” but they have no assets left to buy with, their looks have faded, fitness & health stagnated, still not got a career, and they now weigh as much as an average guy.

He’ll tell them to “go buy a used VW Polo around the corner love!

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