Persistence and consistency

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Like an athlete, daygame requires focus, train regularly, professional, punctual, and be organised (logistics).

Taking knocks, injuries, and getting back on with it after a rest and recharge.
TeamGB didn’t come second in the medals table without putting in consistent effort. Their results were earned.

In daygame, we don’t know when our next approach will be successful. It’s not luck, it’s a function of effort. Derren Brown did an episode on luck, and luck is actually simply taking opportunities that present themselves.  It’s very lucky he’s not into girls, he’d be an excellent daygamer.

Nobody knows when your first success will come, or your last. You just have got to keep at it. Remember, no one can win them all. Plenty of fish in the sea, enough for all players, and very few daygamers in London per-capita make this city one of the best in the world for daygame.

Results vary, but with a reasonable amount of approaches you can reach a level of consistency, that is as close as we can get.

What have girls and prime numbers got in common?

Like Prime number theorem (Riemann hypothesis), the distribution can be predicted, you know from stats that you will find bigger primes, but can’t predict exactly when that next break will exactly occur – only that there will be another prime!
For those of you that are interested in prime numbers, primes have all been calculated up to a septillion, which took 3 months. The biggest prime is (2^57,885,161) – 1, in decimal that is 17 Million digits (I edited that one out from this draft post :-). That number is a record in itself, as only the 48th mersenne prime (a number that is one less than a power of two).

Back to game, keep pursuing, it works out on a steady ratio of results.

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