2016 Year in review – 16 lays, virgins, air hostesses and princesses

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16 new notches in 2016, a 3 month trip to Colombia, daygame melt downs, air hostesses, virgins and now a relationship, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster year.

London Lays  (Jan – Feb – Mar)

The first quarter of 2016 started pretty well, I was coming in to 2016 happy with my success in 2015,  In my first year on the streets I notched up 8 and had a great year doing it. The early part of 2016 was characterised by a lot of dates with very average girls in the 6 range. There wasn’t quite the abundance mindset that I have now, which meant I went on dates with girls I wouldn’t bother with any more.

I also started to do solo daygame as preparation for my month long trip to Colombia. It was tough but a good learning experience for the land of Pablo Escobar, fake asses and white powder.

Colombia Lays (April – May – June)

Ahh Colombia, the land of easy lays – sort of. I found it incredibly difficult to do solo daygame out there and ended up going the “easy-route” of Tinder, dating sites and going out at night. I enjoyed Colombia on the whole, and met some really great guys (fellow players from RooshV Forum). I did suffer a melt down of sorts, most of my lays came in the first two months, I probably stayed there a month too long in hindsight.

I did have a few dates with one of the hottest girls I’d ever had a date with, didn’t manage to kiss her though, before she stormed off out of my apartment after I hit her with a cushion.. ahh the drama of a Princess.  I also banged a black 21 year old virgin, my only proper daygame lay. Another great memory was a 20 min good bye Colombia bang off an air hostess, as I was on my way back to London, just before my flight.

London Lays (July – December)

When I got back to London I started to re-see my Hong Kong 7. I’d expected her to have moved on, but she was happy to keep it going and apparently hadn’t been seeing anyone else. I started fucking her again once a week, she told me that she enjoyed taking it in the ass. I helped her with that.

The French-Tunisian was needy as hell, so I stopped texting her, then she sent me a message telling me how awful a person I was. Weirdly I saw her out after that when I was with my now girlfriend. We locked eyes and I was expecting some drama but she just walked passed.

The German 7, was only here for a short time, the English girl, I would have banged her more, but she changed her whatsapp pic to some suicidal quote, so I stopped seeing her too. Never stick your dick in crazy.

Like this but Brunette

German, like this but Brunette

The big change, is that now I’m in a relationship with the 24 year old German, she’s an awesome girl. I’m having to adjust my life style to not doing daygame. It’s not really a problem at the minute as it’s cold in London and I’m focusing on the other two areas of my life – making money and getting in better shape. That’s the thing, you realise you’ve met a great girl when it makes you want to be a better person.

I imagine when it comes to Summer it might be a bit of a problem to resist those girls in short skirts and tanned legs. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I also nexted the Hong Kong girl, it was sad but necessary, the German is moving to London at the beginning of January, seeing both would not work. German won’t accept non-exclusivity, she values herself too much.

I’m happy with that, as I’m hitting 37 next year, and it will be nice to see a girl regularly and build a deeper connection. I’m also wary that I’ve lost the frame some-what since agreeing to be in an exclusive relationship.

Its actually harder to be in a relationship than to be a player, I’d always assumed it was the other way around. I now have to bury any feelings of jealousy and mate-guarding that I have. I also only have her for sex and there is still a lot of temptation, which is even worse as I have the ability to get fresh pussy through daygame. I’m like a bear surrounded by salmon, if the German wasn’t high quality then I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I’m happy with her,  she isn’t the easiest girlfriend, but the rewards are worth it. She’s loyal, very trustworthy, has a very low notch count, is sexy as hell, as well as being good in bed.

My goals for next year are not to focus on game, but to collect resources and to get in better shape. I’ve already started doing both a few months ago, if something is worth doing you start it and do it now, don’t wait. That includes daygame.

I’m going to expand the scope of this blog to include non-game related, lifestyle and relationship stuff, whilst Xants can balance it with sordid daygame posts.

Here’s to 2017.




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