Krakow Meltdown – Is there a Krakow Daygame Model?

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Six nights in an Eastern European city, starts off with all the promise of a regular eurojaunt. Stepping off the plane the snow was underfoot, we made our way to our apartment in the trendy Kazimierz district south of the city centre (Krakow’s equivalent of Hoxton Square)

It was zero degrees and humid, the cold on first night out in market square was terrible, but got a few approaches in. Next two days at the Kraków Główny (Krakow shopping centre). 2 instant dates (Ukrainian and Polish), around 10 approaches. I wasn’t getting anywhere, although I did take a polish girl for a drink in evening, didn’t lead too much, she was a teacher, said she didn’t want either any non-strings action, or a partner. Back with my wing, we went to a night club Prozak 2.0, bumped into some other London daygamers, good to catch up.

My polish date did explain, there are plenty of Ukrainian girls, who get student visa, move to Krakow to meet a Polish husband, so they get EU citizenship and escape the doldrums of Ukrainian life (worse now they have fallen out with the Kremlin).

The next day after not making much headway, had a bit of a meltdown at the shopping centre. My wingman had already brought a hot girl back to the apartment on 2nd date. Fuck, what am I doing? Felt like giving up and leaving without getting a girl on the first flight home. I also failed in Budapest with Xants when I got heatstroke last year, but after that in Kiev I got two girls in 5 nights on the goldmine of Khreshchatyk street (my Russian language skills may have really helped).

Deep breath. Reflection. Introspection. Took a break day, got on with some work on my laptop and went and fired Kalashnikov AK47, Sub-machine guns, pump action shotgun and revolver at the amazing Grotgun shooting range. My wingman may have hit more birds flying overhead than the target though 🙂

The day before I returned home, installed Tinder, swiped every girl in Krakow, which took around 10 mins. One cute blond girl hooked, met her, she admitted she was actually only 26, her profile showed older, and also was using a fake name, curvy bobs and narrow waist, classic polish body. Bounced her home after 3rd venue as per LDM. No significant LMR, didn’t kiss until back in apartment. She was dirty, wanted porn film moves. She had two orgasms, and after a long while and few positions she ripped off the condom, knelt on the floor, put her tongue out, said the immortal words “cum in my mouth” – I guess Krakow not so bad after all.

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  1. You did well, tinder is good fallback here in Krakow. The problem is the mall, it’s oversaturated with daygamers and this is something well known amongst girls in the city. It’s been a problem for over 2 years is what I’ve heard from the local populace here. It’s a real grind in there, just think of it as being like Central London.

    1. Post

      Yeah, too many PUAs is a perenial problem. I imagine the cute Ukrainian student girls get approached all the time -although girls didn’t mention it when I stopped em. December might be a quiet time for eurojaunts

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