New Numbers – Better Than Reviving Dead Numbers

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This is about reviving dead numbers that you haven’t already slept with. Girls that either resurface, or that you send out a bulk ping text to, and then they start responding once more.

Conclusion: Reviving old numbers is a waste of time. So much simpler to approach and get some new girls, who are open to it.

“Reviving” a number for one of your ex-girls that you have slept with is far simpler, as you’ve already passed on the hurdles, and now she even feels an obligation to make it work as a relationship opportunity.

A lot of players think that texting a girl who they got a number from six months or even year(s) ago will result in a date, and then a new notch. My experience is that it has never worked in four years, and around 400 attempts at this strategy. I’m open to be proven wrong, but even if you text 400 and date 10% of them, and get 2 notches, is that worth the effort? You’ll have more shit-tests, more resistance, dates and LMR.

We all get girls that resurface, typically they’re at a loose-end, maybe its Christmas, maybe they just landed back in town, mabye they just got ignored by their player boyfriend and they are looking for a bit of validation from their orbiting chodes (you!). But at the back of their mind, they rationalise “if I didn’t sleep with him xyz months ago, there must have been a reason, he must have been unsuitable – oh yes, I kept this dude as a friendzone guy to validate me”.

So what have a tried? Well, they add you on Facebook, become friends with you, follow you on Instagram. They message on whatsapp, and of go for the date after a few ping texts. They come on the date, maybe they require 2 dates even, following the LDM and then they refuse to come home. So we do all the usual stuff, ignoring, and abundance because we have other girls. These girls who resurfaced, never get laid though.

What’s everyone else’s experience. I’m interested to know your “time effort” for new girls, compared to your “time effort” reviving all those dead leads and dating them. I recon I can get a new girl in around 10 hours of effort, and I’ve never managed to revive a dead number in around 200 hours of effort I imagine. We’re all different, maybe this works for some of you players!

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  1. Agreed. YHT girls I fucked up with the first round never recovered. It was like “We know each other as friends, I can’t fuck you now”. Although they knew I was a player, it seemed I’ve lost all sexual value in their eyes. No idea why.

    On the other hand, I had 4-5 revivals with girls I already banged in the past. They have either just ended their relationship, or, a more intriguing one, just about to start a relationship and wanted to have a farewell bang with me. Maybe I was her most beloved fb.

    The only time I successfully revived a previous fuck up was with a hipster girl who I knew she really liked me all along. She was not sth to brag about, of course.

    1. Post

      Fair enough, you’ve had a similar experience.

      My revival of already-banged-girls is similar to yours. One girl contacts me out of the blue once a year, I imagine she want’s “stop gap” action with me after her bf dumped her. She’s getting older though, she must be 26 now 😀

  2. I never chase dead leads. I can get around 150/200 numbers per year IF I go out at least 3 times per week (minimum 4/5 hour sessions) and I agree that trying to revive a dead number is like trying to find the Lochness Monster. If I don’t get a girl out within a week, it usually tends to fall on its arse, and the energy fades and dies out. This is more due to the approach than any text game, as text game can get you a shit tonne of validation, but the girl will never actually meet you (can be hard to filter coz she’s giving the right signs). BUT, I will either filter as quickly as possible so as not to waste time, or “work the number” until she either stops responding or I simply lose interest due to the wall that I am gaming… That means around 3/4 text or whatsapp messages. If a girl replies back after one message, she’s way more open to a date… If not, again, I don’t usually end up on a date with her. But never more than two messages is a good parameter of whether she is likely to meet and be open to fucking you. 2016 has been pretty lame action and personal life wise, (not that I haven’t had some successes) but 2017 is the year I step up for the hottie bangs! Great post…

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