Street Hustle Review

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Street Hustle by Tom Torero, published in 2016. I ordered my copy, and despite the Lulu checkout saying 60 day delivery time, it only took 3 weeks!

Feels like a quality product, 314 pages, hard back, although too bulky to put in a coat pocket for tube reading.

Well written, and a not too deep, easier to read than The Rational Male, and Krauser’s Mastery, although both of those I would recommenced to read afterwards.

Lots of good sections, eg Diagnostic Trouble-shooting on page 163, when everything is not going to plan (does it ever go fully to plan? No two girls are the same). Page 94 Girl-Friendly Topics is good for dates.  Travel and Adventure, Relationships, Serendipity and Fate, A girl’s thought process (chick-psychology). And being enigmatic and letting her imagination run wild (don’t reveal too much, always avoid revealing some details, leaves them wanting more).

As Mystery said, the game is learned in the field, so don’t spend too long reading it as you want to spend 80% of your time out and about daygaming. While the weather is chilly, make the most of the opportunity to learn new things, and revise old lessons from this book though.

This is a must read for the aspiring player.

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