Year In Review 2016 – Travel broadens the mind

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New Lays – 6
First six months busy dating a girl. Then back on the scene:
My friend’s au pair, 26 (social circle)
Bisexual student, 22 (social circle)
Executive girl. 23 (night game)
Part time actress, 28 (day game)
Black student, 23 (social circle)
Polish  girl, 26 (tinder)

New relationships – 2
Exotic trips abroad – 3
Jobs left – 1
Flat’s bought – 1

Bit shit, used to average two new notches per month back in 2013/2014. Need to work on my fitness, and other things that are firmly within my control.

Greetings thrown out to Eddie & Rich from Street Attraction. Rambo. RoyWalker. Paul Janka. CassidyPUA. Xants and Vaughn.

Have a great 2017 guys!

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