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The pursuit of fine women is in our genes, we’re the latest in a long line of successful guys (fathers), we all have a duty to perpetuate the species. It’s Natural Selection, if I fail, another guy more successful will take my place, and his genes will be in the next generation (via a hot girl from eastern Europe).

Bill Gates once said, “I’ll choose a lazy guy to do a complicated task, because he’ll find a smart and efficient way of doing it”. Game is like that too, we want great results, and reduced effort right? Or do we want to game the hardest places, with the fewest number of suitable women? I’m not such a sacrificial lamb – I’ll always return to the best cities and countries, and skip the shit places forever. Period.

Game is hard, its fucking hard. The highs on the day, on the streets, the lows when it goes pear-shaped, the flakes, the rejections. The ones who cancel. Even just keeping the evening date plan together while drinking. The logistics of getting an apartment, setting everything up in a new town, finding ones way around & choosing date locations. We almost need a crib sheet for each city!, & a few decent wing-men, to drink with when it goes shit between the emotional highs of success.

So what have I gathered, from my own experience, and from talking to others? Well there is a lot of anecdotes, individuals with their opinions (and there limited data, limited experience). Guys using circular reasoning and other biases such as Confirmation Bias “I went there, got laid, so I went back, got laid – that is the best place to meet attractive women!” but this guy never went anywhere else, douche bag. Or the AFCs who use Tinder and think that’s the modern way of doing things – for guys who are too shy to speak to women in real life, anyway.

Check out the market leaders, they publish all their own info and stats Krauser RoyWalker

Stats, stats, stats. I want to know how many hot girls walking around, how many of them had great English, and the number of hours taken to get one on a date and into a girl you see regularly. If its more than around 15 hours effort total, you’re in the wrong town. Here’s a nickle, Kid, go buy yourself a bus ticket to the next town.

So here’s my list, from my own experience and a few others I know well. This is years, even decades of field tested, hard results data.

Poland – Great
Czech Republic – Good
France – Bad
Italy – Bad
Thailand – Very bad (Bangkok, other towns, and all the islands. Too much sleaze)
Philippines – Very bad (most of the women are short and ugly, or tourists – see below)
Bali – Very bad (ugly locals, or drunk Aussies)
USA – Chicago good, California Good, NYC good. (never been central)
Moscow – Great
Kiev – Great
Latvia – Good
Lithuania – Good

— Never go anywhere with a bad review right?

In Thailand I met a hot girl, true story:

Me: “Let’s meet for a coffee. tomorrow good?”

HB: “It’s a shame I am on my period – you could have fucked me for 2000 THB”

Too much sleaze, the girls are often on the game.

English vs Non-English speakers

Generally gets boring very quickly if they don’t have an good command of English. Places to watch out for and avoid (Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, France, Italy)


Head to countries with your type. If Thai is your type, you won’t find them in France. If White English speaking girls are you thing, they won’t be in Bali or Cambodia (and if you think tourists are an option, see below).

We’re dealing in generalities, few of each still living in wrong country, but not enough for it to be worth going to the wrong place to meet your type. Better head straight to big pond with all the girls you like.

Head where SMV is highest

When you get off the plane, head to the streets, you want to see roughly min 200 hot women walking around per day that are your type.

Even better is when you see those same women, with guys who are not very smart or handsome – Busted Dudes Test. That means there are more attractive women than guys, so you’re in demand boyo! A guy who’s a 5, can date a 7.5 etc.

If you end up in a place like Cambodia or Thailand where the women don’t immediately hook, and not many attractive – move on, they’re not into you, and there isn’t enough of them to make the numbers stack up on the days and days of effort.

Effort vs Reward

Someone will always have an anecdote about how they got laid after 1000 approaches in Cambodia, or even worse, 10000 Tinder swipes (or Tinder Pro! or Bumble!), that is shit. Look at how many hours/weeks effort was put in. You want to be getting a date from around 3 hours of daygame, and getting laid a min of 2 times per month, or 4+ times if you are in one of the great locations where your SMV is higher. These are all achievable targets, proven by successful guys.

Locals vs Tourists

Staying, living in a place for more than few nights has always been better for me than one-night bounce homes. And those one nighters never lead to anything regular, which I would be more interested in.   (Banging girls only takes me so far, I’d like to have a girl on my arm at the cinema, and visting old palaces too)

So tourist hot spots are out for antying but fast-sex, and no long term connections, Thailand, Bali, Magaluf, Ibiza, Greek Islands, Turkey, Las Vegas etc. One night bangs are always awesome, just just go in there, with that in mind.

When you’re deciding where to go, cut your looses, run with your winners.

So where have I been since 2016? Save that for another day…

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