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Writing my first blog post in about a year has given me something of a taste for it again, so I thought I’d write another with some actionable advice.

Every so often the inner sanctum of daygame discovers something new which then spreads through the group memetically. I’m not talking about techniques, I’m talking about the little things that make daygame life that little bit more comfortable.

Uniqlo Pants

Cotton is a terrible material. Survival specialists call it Death Cloth because of it’s tendency to trap moisture next to the skin which can quickly bring on hypothermia in cold conditions. While hypothermia is extremely unlikely in daygame, unless you decide to sarge Russia in mid winter, the danger of chafing is all too real in the heat and raw, red thighs will quickly destroy your vibe. Cotton pants will trap moisture around your balls which will make you chafe much more quickly. The solution is pants from Uniqlo that are made out of mesh and don’t trap moisture.

Baby Powder (talc) 

The second step to reduced chafing is talc on the balls and inner thighs. This combined with the uniqlo pants almost eliminates chaffing for all but the fatest fuckers and if your that fat your time is probably best spent in the gym, not on the street.

Hiking/Running Socks

You’re going to want warm, dry feet in winter and cool, dry feet in summer and again cotton ain’t gonna cut it. Invest in some hiking socks in the winter, some light hiking socks for wearing with boots in summer and some small running socks for shorts weather.

Base Layer/Thermal

Not so important going into summer but in winter a base layer is essential as it will keep you warm and can be worn under stylish clothes.

Cold Sore Cream 

I asked Roy Walker what else I should include and he said cold sore cream as he carries some on him at all times. The reason being that if you get cold sores you can entirely prevent them providing you get the cream on almost straight away.

Spare Phone Battery

Speaks for it’s self really but there’s nothing worse than having to cut a number farm early to charge your phone.


Roy says he’s met plenty of daygamers with bad breath, nobody likes bad breath. Also, go to the fucking dentist once in a while.


Once in a while you might actually get laid.

So there you have it, some useful, actionable advice.

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