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Daygame seems to be something of a dying art, with less new people coming into the field than leaving it. GOOD!! That’s what I say. I mean admittedly Oxford Street was crowded with them last weekend when the sun was shining for the first time in an eternity, but overall I feel the competition has lessened. We have surpassed peak Daygame. I can back this up with a concept what many online PUA’s are unfamiliar with, FACTS.

Google searches for Daygame over the last five years (and subsequently butchered by word press but you can still see the trend)

As you can (just about) see from my google trends graph, daygame searches are becoming less popular which is an indicator that Daygame is becoming less popular. I put this down primarily to two major things that have happened in the last three years; the demise of (as was) and the demise of Saturday Sarge. These were two major things choking up the streets of London with ill calibrated losers, they won’t be missed. Along with this a number of the coaches of the days of yore are now retired or semi retired, so if you do want to get coaching where do you go? Now you may well have stumbled onto this blog thinking that this is your salvation, you’d be wrong, I have no desire to walk any of you around the streets of London or Europe for a fee and this won’t change unless my financial situation takes a particular nose dive. This is going to remain a hobiest blog. I have however met many of the good coaches out there and I know who I would recommend, they are as follows:

  1. Nick Krauser
    • But he doesn’t coach!? I hear you say. Oh yes he does, but he’s a bit like the A Team, only older, balder and with even more jewelry than Mr. T but like the A Team in that, if you can find him, and afford him, and convince him to do it, and he doesn’t think you’re a no hoper chode then he will coach you
      • Pros – probably the best in the business, if he actually likes you he’ll introduce you to a world of good wings aka the Secret Society
      • Cons – the darker your skin colour the less likely he is to like you and therefore coach you
  2. Craig Cassidy
    • Tom Torrero’s some time partner, I’ve met Craig a few times and he’s a sound guy
      • Pros – solid daygamer, been in the field for many years, I know people he’s coached who have said it’s been a positive experience
      • Cons – unlikely to be in the field for much longer, I can see him hanging up his daygame boots at some point soon
  3. Street Attraction
    • I’ve met Eddie and Richard numerous times and they’re great guys, have been in the field for a long time and know their onions
      • Pros – Sound guys, will take even the chodiest of chodes under their wings and try to help you
      • Cons – You might get stuck with even chodier chodes than you if you book onto a bootcap with them
  4. Jimmy Jambone
    • Taught Krauser everything he knows dontchaknow
      • Pros – he does if for love, so you pay him only what you think it’s worth (though it’s bad form if you don’t pay him at all) knows game inside out, can also teach night game
      • Cons – has a girlfriend so won’t do any demos, lazy so might not do it at all
  5. Tom Torero
    • Weird one for me to write about because I don’t actually know Tom, I’ve met him very briefly and only once, I also don’t know if he is still coaching. His reputation is both excellent and terrible
      • Pros – I probably know more successful daygamers that were originally coached by Tom than anybody else including Roy Walker, my former wing Vaughn and Mr. S, all went on to have extreme success and all rated his coaching skills
      • Cons – he doesn’t actually have a very good reputation in the Daygame community, he frankly seems to have fallen out with his ex business partners and is generally a bit of a snake. So excellent, first rate coach but third rate human. That said, I don’t actually know him and all of this is third hand.

TD Daygame gets a mention, I’ve met him, he certainly does coach and does know daygame, that said I don’t know him well enough to rank him up with those above.

Anybody that isn’t on that list I would assume is most likely a fraud, because frankly I know the good and successful guys. If you want to know more about any of the coaches mentioned above USE GOOGLE YOU LAZY FUCK, THIS IS A HOBBIEST BLOG

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