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Back around February I received a text from Roy Walker saying something along the lines of “Fuck it, we might as well go away for Easter, I know it’s a short trip and we might not get laid but what else are we going to do?”

I couldn’t argue with his sound logic.

We decided to book a 4 night trip to Budapest as we figured that it was a fairly touristy city so wouldn’t be overly affected by people leaving for Easter and if anything people might actually visit it during that period in equal measure. We booked our flights separately as he would be flying from Manchester and I would be traveling from London, I got the first flight out on the Thursday and had to get up ridiculously early, Roy wouldn’t arrive until around 6 PM, I told him “I’ll be deep into my first same day lay by then.”

I wasn’t far wrong.

When I got to Budapest I got a taxi to meet our airbnb host, I dropped my bag off and hit the street with a plan to do as many sets as I could. My first set was a cute Croatian tourist, second was an American, third was a blowout and my fourth, who I opened by !(&$( Square was a cute Polish girl of Asian heritage. It was one of the most ON sets that I’ve ever had. She was dressed in red so I opened with a classic “I saw you walk past and you reminded me of something, I think it’s this red coat, you look like little red ridding hood, you’re on your way to your grandmothers house and I was looking to see if the Big Bad Wolf was following you.”

Krauser says that the biggest IOI of all is if they touch you in set, she touched my shoulder 3 or 4 times and informed me that she wasn’t free that night but that she was the next.

I did a few more sets that didn’t go anywhere, including one girl who said, in what I think was an American accent “That’s fucking disgusting” which is pretty harsh on the blowout front. I then met up with Craig Cassidy for a few beers before he left town and then with Roy. I told Roy about the set with the Asian Pole and he said it sounded like a notch, I told him not to jinx it and we preceded to get good and drunk


As you can see, text game was straight forward.

On the second day Roy and I hit the streets before meeting Little Red for our date. Just prior to the date I scouted a few venues and built by date plan but I didn’t need it. When I met with Little Red it was clearly on and I escalated heavily in the first bar, making out with her and with my hand down her top feeling her tits. Girls like a sexually aggressive man, particularly a girl like this who it turned out was very submissive. I decided to bounce her back to the apartment and she asked if I would tie her up and if she could call me master, I acquiesced 😉

We met again on the last night and prior to our meeting I bought a small vibrator and some rope, I let her call me both Sir and Master.


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