kiev girl

Kiev solo eurojaunt

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This is my 3rd time to kiev in 3 months. This time i’m flying solo.  I’m challenging myself to do some solo daygame and following up on 4 leads i’d collected on previous trips. I texted all my leads in the days leading up to my arrival. 3 responded, 2 were keen to meet. So i thought job done, I can relax …

Crazy Romanian

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I’ve been on 2 dates recently with a Romanian girl I met on Oxford street, despite her being reasonably though not incredibly hot I’ve decided not to see her again.  There’s a decent chance that if I’d persevered I could have got a notch and my Romanian flag but she just gave me too many shit tests to be bothered. …

The Test

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Following one of my most productive and enjoyable days in daygame  i seed a date with a Russian. My daygame approach is a bit different to my wings. I would describe it as wait to hit drug-like state and bamboozle woman with a direct witty approach. Sometimes i’m up, sometimes i’m down.Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss. The following was one of …