Lay Report – Oxford Street German Girl

Feeling hungover I hit the streets with RoywalkerDaygame. This was a Monday early evening and the weather had started to rain slightly. I really didn’t want to go out, so I reasoned you should always do the things you least want to do first. I meet him at Oxford Circus, we wander the streets chatting then before we hit Oxford Street. I let a few weasel, the pre-approach tension builds. We both spot a well dressed woman walking away from us. She stops at a set of pedestrian lights, her body is slim, but she’s a bit older than what I’d like, milfy,

I almost let her go, then tell RoyW that I’ll open her as a warm up. I open she’s German, she’s in London visiting a friend, she’d been shopping and site-seeing the last couple of days on her own. I draw some stereotypes and tease her about being too efficient and tell her she’s rubbish at shopping, she only has one bag. She has a leather jacket, I tell her that the bag is too barbie and is ruining her rock-girl look. She tells me it’ goes with her “Snoopy bedding”, she’s staying in the daughter’s room of her friend.

I quiz her on logistics, she’s staying in East Dulwich, and goes back to Germany on Wednesday. That’s not much time to have a drink together I tell her, she suggests we go for a drink now. (I get insta-dated). We walk back up to Oxford Circus and find a bar, I buy the first round and tell her I have an important mission for her.. to find our seat. We seat and drink the beer, she takes off her leather jacket, she is slim, black top showing a little cleavage. Her eyes are very blue and she has blonde hair.

She works in some media firm in marketing, she’s 30. I question her about her last relationship, and accuse her of being married and looking for a London fling. She tells me she used to see a guy, but that he started seeing another girl, and told her that, but that they could still see each other now and again. He was younger than her, the full story starts to come through, she was besotted by him, planning her life around her visits to his city.  All the while he’s fucking another girl.

She asks me what I think, I look bored, and she tells me “I’m boring you, aren’t I”.  I ignore it, and we walk to another bar I know. We have a cocktail each, we’re sat on stools, more chat, I pull her in to me and kiss her. No resistance, and she jumps me, kissing me more.  This is really easy. We finish up the drinks, I’m tired and so is she (well I think she hasn’t prepped for sex) so we part ways at Oxford circus with plans to meet the following day. We text a bit in between and she tells me she “accepts my challenge”.

Challenge accepted

Challenge accepted


Following day, we meet at Oxford Circus, she looks good. Initially I’d planned to just do a couple of bars then pull her back to mine. My stomach rumbles, and I suggest food to her. We go to PingPong, couple of beers and some food. She tells me a story about her housemate in Germany stalking an American guy that she’d met. Her housemate had found out the guy was seeing another girl. She’d then made a couchsurfing profile as a good-looking man and pretended she’d wanted to stay with this other girl, in order to get her whatsapp. She’d then check the rival girls online status and compare it with the guy she fancied to see if they were online talking to each other. That’s next-level stalking, hands down to her, pretty clever, but fucking hell, that’s madness.

We finish the meal, I walk her to Oxford Circus to get the tube to mine, I tell her I know a good bar near me. She agrees to another drink, we get to my stop, walk to the bar, it’s dead (it’s a Tuesday night). I tell her it looks dead, but I have some wine back at mine. Walk to my place, I open the wine and straight up to the bedroom. We’d talked about horror films, so I put on “Hide and Seek”, we sip the wine and she leans into me, we’re sat on the bed.

We kiss, and I start to undress her, there are no objections, no LMR. She does tell me she’s on her period, I tell her I don’t care, we can put a towel down.  She goes straight down to start sucking me off, it’s expert level. I then fuck her without a condom, blood over my dick, I pound her hard and choke her a bit. She loves it. I come over her stomach, my cock leaves a bloody red stain, like a crimson shadow the outline of my dick.  We fuck again later that night, then in the morning I try for anal with her. I start rubbing her ass, I put a condom on and push it against her ass hole. No resistance to it (well, none verbal, a little physical) I use some lube and fuck her in the ass.  😀

That was a girl I met two days ago, first and only approach on Monday, then have my dick in her ass by Wednesday morning. She’s still in shape for a 30 year old,  (I’m 36). We have breakfast at a local cafe after and I send her off at the tube station.

Not the same quality as Colombia, but I fancied her and she was a fun girl.

Back to London.