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You always remember your first cold approach on the street.

We are a bunch of UK guys, we practice street approach and daygame in London and now a few other cities, this is an account of our experiences. We do it for a shot at P in V with girls like this:

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Open me



I am mid 30s ex-serial monogamist, I discovered traditional mystery method game in my mid-20s (Neil Strauss’s seminal work – “The Game”) and it changed my life.

I had my first beautiful girlfriend from strategies straight out of that book (Thumb wars, stealing chairs and cold reading). I am 10 years down the road from those early days, I now regularly get younger and hotter girls than ever before or could imagine was possible, and all due to cold approach in London. I’ve been sneered at, told to fuck off, walked past, ignored, looked at with disgust, shouted at and most recently stopped by the police.

Really, who cares, all that pain and grind got me sex with a 19 year old blonde Slovenian virgin, a handjob by a Spanish air hostess and a 19 year old French girl on my bed sucking me off within an hour of our first date, plus numerous other adventures.

If you are not doing daygame, you are missing out.


I spent my formative years rather overweight and pretty poor with women, while everybody else at Uni was getting laid I tended to be playing counterstrike and watching porn. In fact I think it’s fair to say I looked quite a lot like a fat lesbian, it’s possibly not surprise that my first girlfriend swung both ways.

I eventually lost weight and married the first decent one that came along, fast forward to divorce at 32 and I’d only banged 3 women.

At this point I discovered game but quickly found myself in another 9 month relationship. When she broke up with me on my 33rd birthday in April 2015 I hit a low point but I made a decision to throw myself into game, both night and day.

Game has allowed me to get 12 new lays since (correct Dec 2015) including an 18 year old German, a Spanish TV actress and a Hungarian who is a genuine 9.


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At the moment we are not looking for new wings, but if you are a daygamer in London and want to exchange war stories over a beer, you can contact us at: